Importance of Bibliography

The research requires talent and perseverance on the part of the researcher. And these two ingredients are the essential levers to contribute a new point of view or a finding in any field of knowledge . However, human knowledge (whether in the field of science or letters) is located within a context, some sources of information . Those sources that nurture knowledge make up the bibliography.

Let’s imagine a current thinker who wants to delve into classical Athens. You are obliged to have recourse to the data and all the relevant information on that historical period. You cannot ignore the contributions that other thinkers have made before. All this information should be used as a reference to present your own theses.

The bibliography that the researcher manages must be rigorous and truthful. For this reason, he is obliged to quote it with absolute precision and with the entire methodological structure of his knowledge. It is a way of communicating to all humanity that the new knowledge is authentic. It should not be forgotten that the scientist belongs to a community, the scientist, and also has an ethical commitment to society.

The bibliography is like the research engine room , where theses, opinions, references are confronted; the information that others contributed so that the new way of knowledge makes sense.

The correct and systematic use of the bibliography is absolutely necessary, because if it is not carried out, the risk of ignoring what others have already found is assumed. And in the same vein, not citing bibliographic sources and simulating creative originality is a clear example of a forgery that has a word, plagiarism. Plagiarism is still a human temptation, a way to take credit for yourself.

The bibliography occupies a place little visited by the reader, since it is purely technical information (references, dates, books with their editions and similar data). It must be recognized that the bibliographic appeal is low. Probably only a person specialized in a subject will have the inclination to browse the pages dedicated to the bibliography. In any case, the true key to the research process lies precisely in those pages that are usually at the end of the book. There is all the truth or the lie.


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