Importance of Athletics

All physical activity , if done properly, generates a physical benefit for our body. One of the activities that human beings have always carried out naturally is running. Whether it was to move or for the mere pleasure of doing it, man innately has that capacity.

Athletics is one of the sports that since humans have created some games that competed with others has always been present. Both in Greece, Rome, etc., it has been one of the most important physical activities, both from a recreational point of view or as an essential activity for war.
Before sport , this physical activity has been used for the physical training of army soldiers, something essential to be able to endure not only the long walks that soldiers had to carry out to enter battle, but also, when they went into battle. , to be able to support all the time that this will last.

Athletics is a sport that, in principle, starts from individuality. It is born from the effort and the physical and mental capacity of the athlete himself. He has to be able to work his body, from the muscular point of view, to be able to withstand any test, be it speed, midfielder or bottom, and, at the same time, he must have sufficient mental capacity to be able to exploit the full potential of strength and speed in a short test or to balance the mind and body in a long test.

The importance of athletics is that it is the person himself who has to work the physical aspect and the mental aspect. Either with a coach or, from a personal point of view, the athlete has to have the ability to surrender alone and shape his body to achieve the challenge he sets himself.

Likewise, in athletics age becomes a secondary aspect, the physical or social condition. It is an inclusive sport, practiced anywhere in the world and that does not need a specific place to practice it or a complement like in other sports. All it takes is a lot of will power. It is also a type of sport that, practiced every day, helps us to increase our endurance, makes us move more distance the more we run and has many benefits for our health.

The importance of athletics is that, from a physical, emotional and social point of view, it is positive for anyone who practices it.


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