Importance of Audiovisual

The adjective Audiovisual finds its importance in the fact that thanks to technology , it is possible to spread a message, of whatever type, through audio and image. Something that undoubtedly makes this message penetrate more deeply in individuals.

The origin of the audiovisual is found in sound cinema, back in the 50s. Without a doubt, it was a really surprising and beneficial advance for the film industry, which little by little saw how its accounts thickened by creating much more appealing and surprising products. that replaced the typical silent films.

Although it is true that this would be the origin of the audiovisual word, one of the most important roles that audiovisual material has developed has been precisely in the educational field .
Thanks to audiovisual media, understanding and learning increases considerably. We can understand this audiovisual material as multimedia material , through images and audio, either through the computer or in the form of a documentary or film. A different and alternative way to textbooks that seems to have a great impact on students.

The audiovisual material manages to expose topics with much more objectivity, in a completely clear and accessible way for everyone. In addition, it stimulates the interest of individuals much more, since we move away from boring books so that others tell us what we should later learn.

One of the first educational experiences with this type of material is found in digital encyclopedias. The youngest will know little about them. However, they were a real revolution, since they replaced the typical encyclopedias that we all have at home and placed them directly on the screen of a computer, with countless additional audios, videos and photographs.

Now, these encyclopedias do not have as much output. However, the truth is that the Internet has become a large-scale encyclopedia in which we can search for all kinds of audiovisual material to document ourselves and learn about a specific topic.

Related to the audiovisual adjective also we find the audiovisual media, which are those who exchange messages through information audible and visual. Thus, television would be a clear example of these media, which try to spread messages with their broadcasts thanks to sound and image, either through a news program or through a commercial.

We can thus say that audiovisual materials are essential for teaching and for the dissemination of messages.


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