The importance of love in our lives

“Loving is …”. In the 1960s, New Zealand artist Kim Grove invented this series, which portrayed a boy and a girl in love with each other. When these lovely figurines landed in Brazil I was a baby (yes, it’s been a long time!). But I think she is still a good example of what we mean by love.

If you are also from that time, I think your memory of the boy and the girl revolves around something peaceful, good and comforting. For me it means a time of rejoicing, when we were truly happy.

Oops! Now my brain has just played a trick. What do you mean “we were happy”? Well, it is very easy to believe that we were happy as a child, because love was something sublime, stripped of prejudices and judgments. But what prevents us from continuing to understand love as it was when we were children?

I grew up experiencing fragments of a feeling that everyone said was love. I saw my parents together, holding hands and happy. I also saw the affection with which my grandparents treated me and my brother. I also saw the love stamped on the muzzle of each animal that crossed my path. If you stop and watch, I can still feel all that love. Without longing. But I am sure that this is the same love that I see now permeating my children’s lives.

“Loving is …”

  • Don’t judge.
  • Do not criticize without first looking inside yourself.
  • Helping those in need, even if we don’t know them.
  • Go hand in hand with compassion, a feeling that is so necessary for everyone and so little experienced by most of us.
  • Stripping off strings.
  • Do not believe that the other deserves the evil that is falling on him.
  • Cultivate fraternal and eternal loves.
  • Understand the attitudes of others.
  • Do not inflict suffering on the other.
  • Do not condone injustices.
  • Knowing oneself is part of a great divine kingdom, in which all men, animals and plants are equal.
  • See yourself with humility.
  • Fill your heart with happiness so that there is no room left for anger.
  • Have patience with life.

Living with love is synonymous with spiritual elevation. Stinginess, anger and chaos have no place in the heart of those who see a world of love. You must be wondering if I don’t follow all the news about the atrocities that human beings commit with each other for vile purposes, the political scandals, the misfortunes caused by irrational people.

Yes, I see and I am very sad to realize that many of us do not know the real purpose of being here on Earth. But I choose to envision a blue and compassionate horizon, as I cannot wait for others to stop acting evil so that my world, and that of my children, becomes better.

I know that if I only have love to give, I will be able to touch some cold heart, even if it is just one, and change it. I think you, the reader, can also put love first. Let’s try it together. All of us.


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