Importance of Individual Guarantees

All Spaniards have a series of individual guarantees that are included in our Spanish constitution . Thanks to them, all citizens of this country are equal and we have a series of consolidated rights. Thus, among the guarantees that appear in the Magna Carta of our nation are the guarantee of property, guarantee of legal security , guarantees of freedom and equality.

If the idea is to go point by point, it would be quite extensive to talk about everything and a single article would not come to define them completely. However, we make a basic description of them, when we talk about the guarantee of property, we are talking about the fact that every citizen has the right to own property individually, according to the paid records, withholdings, etc. that marks the current legislation.

When we refer to legal certainty, we are talking about the fact that everyone has a defense in case they have to go to trial or defend the rights that have been violated. This defense, justice, must be of quality and regardless of status, social condition, economy, race, creed, position, etc. The State must ensure that all citizens are defended and that they have a fair trial at all times.

Within the guarantees of freedom, we can talk about freedom of assembly, movement , demonstration, etc. Although it is true that some, such as demonstration groups, are legislated to prevent the abuse of these rights, we all have the freedom to do almost what we want, as long as we follow a series of social norms and mandates that may be our own government, of each autonomous community or, for example, of each locality.

The guarantees of equality are perhaps the most important, because every citizen of Spain has the same rights, freedoms, guarantees and obligations , without distinguishing race, creed, political option , social status, economic level, etc. Living in a country where it is defined and socially accepted by all citizens is what makes it a modern, democratic and socially advanced nation. Let us think that we all have access to public health, justice, freedom of opinion and association, and justice that is not given in other countries.


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