When we are going to buy clothes, we often see that many garments made from conventional cotton use the label «ecological». But, in fact, the only ecological is organic cotton and there are abysmal differences between the two.

These differences address aspects such as how they affect the environment, how they affect the people involved in their cultivation and, not least, how it affects us as consumers. And it is that, on the skin, the organic is not the same as the conventional. And this question is even more important when it comes to baby cotton clothing.


The best way to see how conventional cotton is ecological is to compare the cultivation and harvesting processes of the two classes:In conventional culture, 70% of the seeds have been genetically modified. In contrast, organic cotton only uses pest-resistant seeds, never transgenic.Conventional cotton requires intensive irrigation that requires a huge waste of water. In the irrigation of organic water is managed efficiently.In addition, aggressive synthetic fertilizers, strong herbicides and toxic pesticides are used in conventional farming. The organic is not added any kind of harmful chemical.The dewatering also has marked differences: in the conventional a toxic chemical process is used and in the organic one is allowed to do the water and the wind.


By using only natural products, organic cotton is beneficial to producers, the environment and the consumer. It is a product that respects the biodiversity of the soil where it is grown, the health of the workers and the people who will wear the garments made with it. In addition, it encourages small local economies.

As no toxic substances are used in any part of the process or its cultivation or extraction, it is beneficial to the workers who produce it. It saves them the harmful effects of inhalation and contact with the harmful chemicals used in conventional cotton.In addition, the absence of these toxic chemicals and the fact that they are non-transgenic seeds benefits the environment as it respects natural resources and the ecosystem.

And the absence of chemicals also benefits us as consumers. Especially when we talk about cotton baby clothes. The absence of these substances prevents the occurrence of allergies related to their use. On the other hand, the absence of toxic waste makes it smoother and beneficial to the skin. Especially important if it is cotton baby clothes. In fact, the organic, in addition to being softer than the conventional allows much more ventilation and increased breathing of the skin.In short, the organic cotton garments, the authentic ecological, are not only important in terms of the benefits they represent for our planet, they are also safer for us.

by Abdullah Sam
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