Importance and Benefits of Renewable or Natural Energy Sources

It is very important given the unsustainable impact of conventional non-renewable energy sources, which pollute the environment by burning fossil fuels; an alternative that allows to combat environmental pollution , greenhouse gases, climate change and global warming such as renewable energy sources.

Renewable energies are those that are natural, inexhaustible, clean and that regenerate in a short time without impacting the environment, are obtained from the resources of nature such as the sun, air, water, rain, oceans, rivers, waves, heat of the earth, organic matter, among others.

Among some main characteristics of renewable energies are:

  • Its global electricity consumption is 20%.
    • They do not pollute, so they are clean.
    • Its carbon footprint and environmental impact is reduced.
    • They are unlimited, natural, native and complementary.
    • Strengthen local economies.
    • They are competitive in the market.
    • They are the best option and alternative to conventional energies.
    • They are the energies of the future.

Renewable energies are classified into:

  • Wind energy: itis obtained mainly from wind by air currents.
  • Solar energy: itis obtained mainly from the light and heat of the sun through solar panels.
  • Hydraulic energy: itis obtained from water currents becoming kinetic and electrical energy by hydroelectric power plants.
  • Biomass energy: itis obtained from organic compounds or organic matter by means of solar energy and the process of photosynthesis with living beings.
  • Geothermal energy: itis obtained from the heat of the earth.
  • Tidal energy:obtained by the temperature of the oceans, waves of the seas, currents and salinity.

Non-renewable energy sources with more than 80% of the world’s energy demand, among which are:

Fossil fuels: remains of living beings on the surface of the earth by accumulation of millions of years.

  • Charcoal.
    • The oil.
    • Natural gas.
    • The nuclear energy.

On the other hand, among the main benefits of energies are:

  • They care for and conserve the environment and its natural resources.
    • Reduce and combat environmental pollution.
    • Reduces the environmental problems of greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, global warming and climate change.
    • Promote energy efficiency.
    • They generate jobs.
    • Strengthen economic development.
    • Promote sustainable development.
    • Promote a better quality of life.

The current problem with these renewable energy sources is the high initial investment, planning, occupation of territory, technological development, storage and their power density for supply.

Renewable, green, clean, natural or sustainable energies; They are the future and must be promoted by all for sustainable development


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