Image counseling

When we talk about corporate image advice, we are referring to the work that agencies or other professionals provide to the company to guide and advise on how it should behave and thus transmit the identity sought.

We are in a time of constant and intense changes and it is common for a company to be lost, without knowing where to start, because it still does not know when it was lost.

In many cases the best option is to look for a virgin, neutral perspective, which is not contaminated by the internal environment or by the nearby one, the solution is to turn to a professional, who has a series of techniques to meet our objective.

Example image advice

Imagine that we have inherited the family wine company Garnatxa Negra SL, and so far, although the product is good and there have been changes and innovations, in many areas it is still the company that was created more than 50 years ago.

The logo looks traditional and overloaded, the place has lost charm and workers are increasingly disoriented.

If the behavior of the wine consumer has changed so much during this time, how can a company that continues to act in the same way survive?

You have to adapt and whether due to lack of time, knowledge or resources, there are companies that are dedicated to advise companies to change the image with which they are known.

This process encompasses a large number of tasks depending on the facelift you want to do and affects both the environment offline as online. Here are some of these tasks:


  • Recover or transform the identity of the company.
  • Transmit the appropriate values ​​to the workers. Train them in several areas, improve their relationships with coworkers.
  • Facility design, logo, corporate material (business cards, letter paper …)


  • Collect information about online reputation, in other words, find out what is being said about the company on the internet.
  • Provide the company with an online presence or adapt it to the present, prioritizing the website, and taking care of social networks.
  • Promote networkingto publicize the new corporate image.

In conclusion, image advice can be the solution to a company that is turning off day by day and although it is almost always a difficult decision, a change of direction may also be the only direction to continue walking.


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