Ice Cream

(Ice Cream) are made with natural raw materials and semi-artisan technology that give the product added value; with unsurpassed texture and flavor to your palate. The specialized work group constitutes the fundamental factor in obtaining the product. Endorsed with a sanitary license, it complies with hygiene regulations for the preparation, distribution, storage and sale of products. Soft, creamy, exquisite and with different flavors, magnificent to taste on any occasion.

An Alondra ice cream is the right treat for desserts, snacks, special celebrations or a sweet gathering. Alondra Ice Creams are manufactured and distributed throughout Cuba. The modern technologies used in its production and the unique blend that distinguishes them have contributed to its renowned quality. Our service covers the elaboration of the product and its distribution to the client’s home. It is aimed at the Hotel and Non-Hotel Chains of MINTUR, and other Entities within and outside the system.


ALONDRA Ice Cream Production: With a production capacity of between 18 and 20 thousand liters of ice cream per day.


It has 7 factories, located throughout our country, such as:

  • Havana
  • Varadero
  • Trinity
  • Hummock
  • Lucia
  • Guardalavaca
  • Santiago de Cuba.


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