I have problems with my printer, what do I do?

Whether you install your printer for the first time or if you already have it for a long time, an error or problem may occur during the printing of any of your documents or photographs that prevents it from occurring or having the desired quality. For this reason, we will tell you how to solve the problems that usually occur with your printer in each of the cases that are usually presented to you.

Installation problems

If you have decided to install your printer for the first time, you just have to follow the steps that appear in the instructions for use or installation in your manual. It is usually very simple and in rare cases it causes problems. The most common is that you just have to connect the printer to the computer and the electrical network, turn it on and start using it. However, it may happen that this is not so easy for you.

Therefore, we tell you what are the installation problems that you may have to face and how to solve them easily and effectively. In many cases it may take a few minutes, in others you will have to try several things before finding out what happens.

Printer does not turn on

If your printer won’t turn on, the first thing to do is wait a bit to see if it reacts. If it still doesn’t, your computer or control device may not detect it. First of all, it is advisable to check if there is a cable that is incorrectly positioned or that it has moved or loosened without realizing it. If it is a wireless device, you have to make sure that the WiFi works on both the printer and the control device.

After these checks, try turning it off and on , since sometimes just doing it is enough. If it still does not go, the printer may not recognize the drivers , so you have to install or update them. We will tell you in the next section how you can do it.

I can’t download the software

The default drivers for your operating system usually work without problems in most cases. However, if you have tried updating them and it still does not work, or you cannot find them, you will have to go to the manufacturer’s support page and search for the most recent ones for your printer model. It is important that you follow the corresponding download and installation instructions for your printer model. Once you’ve installed them, it should go.

If you are not able to install it or cannot find it, as a second option , you can use the built-in print drivers of your operating system, which although it provides only the basic functions can be more than enough in most cases. Something that you can try in addition to that is to reinstall the printer, which means that you simply remove it from the printers section and reinstall it again.

Installation failed

There are several reasons why installation errors can occur, although in many cases it may be due to a USB connection problem between the printer and the computer, so the first thing you should do is disconnect and reconnect the cable when the software prompts you. If it still doesn’t work, try another connection, and if it still doesn’t, try another cable. If you have other USB devices connected, try removing them for your checks.

Another check you should do is if there is a virus, malware or security problem on your computer that prevents you from installing the software. To do this, you can scan it with your updated antivirus. You can also unplug the printer’s power cord for a minute and plug it back in. You can also go to settings and printers and from there access the troubleshooter .

Unlinked computer and printers

If your computer can’t find your printer, you should add it and let it search for it. In Windows you will have to go to Add printers and scanners. If it does not appear, you will see an option that says Update and The printer I want is not in the list . Hit it there and it will look for it and even install the corresponding driver. If it still does not go, you will have to go to the manufacturer’s website to see why the connection fails.

If it is wireless make sure they are connected to the same WiFi and bring them closer, or test the connection with the cable. Another action that you can take in this and other frequent problems is to access the Windows printing troubleshooter if you have this operating system.

Printing problems

In addition to the problems that usually occur when installing the printer, those that occur in printing are very common. You are going to print and suddenly it takes time, you cannot do it, the documents give a blank, blurred or poor quality print, the sheet is blocked or it tells you that the cartridge that you have hardly used is empty. There are several cases that you can run into at any time, and sometimes you don’t know how you should act in the best way.

Misalignment of lines and colors

A common problem is often due to the delineation of lines or colors . In print, you notice that the colors are not permeating correctly or the words are overlapping or the lines are unsightly. The truth is that the result is quite bad and, after trying again, it still does not come out as it should.

To solve it, you must go to the control panel of your computer (or in configuration and printers), give printing preferences or printer properties, choose the maintenance section and give head alignment or head cleaning. Once this is done, follow the corresponding instructions. It should be properly doing that.

Cartridge problems: not recognized or empty

If the printer says you have an empty cartridge when in fact you know it has too much or too much ink, it may be that the cartridge detection system is defective or missing the chip. What you have to do is remove it to see if the chip exists, since if it is not there you should talk to your provider. If it does , you can gently clean the visible detector under the cartridges.

If you just changed the cartridge remove it and put it back to see if it finally recognizes it. Although rare, this failure may be due to the fact that you are using a compatible cartridge and it is not recognized. The problem may also be due to drivers or software.

Blurred print

If the print is blurry, it may be because the paper is damp, poor quality, or running out of ink or toner. You may also have set the economy mode, which does not provide enough quality, or a low print density. In this case, what you can do is go to print properties and increase the print density. If it comes to photographs, it is best to use quality photographic paper.

The best thing you can do to improve the quality of your prints is to use good quality paper and set it to have the best print quality, unless they are minor documents where you can opt for fast printing to save ink (in instead of opting for compatible cartridges that can sometimes cause problems if they are not trusted).

Blank pages

If you see a blank page instead of what you requested, the content may have a blank page . If not, and you know you have enough ink, the software may have been corrupted , so the solution may be to disconnect the cable, uninstall the software, and reinstall it. You can look for it on the manufacturer’s technical support website to have the latest stable version.

Many print quality problems can be caused by software or drivers, so this is one of the main checks to perform, and creates the need to always keep them up to date. Anyway, it is good that you check that your cartridge is correctly placed, has enough ink and is detected by your printer.

Print queue stuck

If there has been a print crash or you have a stuck print queue, you should go to the print list , view the documents in the queue, and select the task or tasks you want to abort. You can find it in settings, devices, the printer in particular and if you give the options you will find this (open queue).

If it is no problem for you to start the process again, we recommend that you cancel everything and request the printing again from where you had initially done it (document, web or where applicable). Once the queue is empty, it shouldn’t give you a problem. Either way, canceling a task might be enough to end this jam. If for some reason this hangs, hit Control + Alt + Del and close it in the task manager, and try again or restart the computer.

Folio locked

One of the most common problems is jammed paper, as it can be due to many causes. It may be wrinkled, damp, incorrectly positioned, or not suitable for the printer. It is also possible that the printer has dirty rollers (you must maintain them properly so that this problem does not happen again) or is not on a level surface. If it happens to you, you may be tempted to remove the paper. Be careful with this, since not only can you end up breaking it, but you could damage one of the components of the device.

Check if your printer has a button with the drawing of a sheet and an arrow , usually near the power button. If so and you press it, the paper will be removed. You can also turn the printer off and on again, as it could eject the paper at power-up. Open the cover and look inside carefully. Carefully remove the paper and debris. If there are more covers, open them and check that there are no paper scraps on them. Check your kit’s instructions to see what to do in this case if you can’t remove the paper carefully.

Every time you go to print, it is good that you use good quality paper and position it correctly to avoid problems of blocked pages. Also, do not put more sheets than you will need, and if there are many, do not put them all at once because the printing could be blocked.

Other problems

In addition to the most frequent problems that we have mentioned, your computer may experience other problems that affect its normal operation, so we are going to comment on what they are and what you should do when they arise. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as plugging the printer back in or restarting your computer, but in others it requires more steps. We will tell you how to solve these errors step by step.

No internet connection

If your printer has problems related to no internet connection, the first thing you have to do is check that it is turned on and is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer, otherwise it would not go. Try turning it off, unplugging it, waiting a bit and turning it on again. You can also restart your computer. Another thing you can do is set it as the default in your operating system or remove it and add it back.

First of all, you should check that your internet connection works, so it is good that you try on your mobile or computer to open a web page or consult a service in which you need a stable internet connection. If it’s a problem with the router or your connection, try unplugging it, waiting, and plugging it back in.

This problem can also occur in cases related to the print queue , so you can go to the configuration of your computer, choose the printer, open queue and device name, select the list and cancel. You can also go to Print Job Manager and restart.

Error messages

Printer error messages are another common problem that affects us especially when we are in a rush to print. In many cases we leave this task until the last minute and it is a mistake. There are a large number of errors that you can solve by knowing what it consists of. For example, if the ink level is low, you will need to change the cartridge as soon as possible (or immediately to maintain good print quality).

If it warns you by led lights or sound , consult the instruction manual. In the manual of your printer you will find the solution to these types of errors since there is usually a section of error indicators or frequent problems. If you have lost it, damaged it or have already thrown it away, you can look at the manufacturer’s official website as it usually appears on it. The latest generation equipment already usually helps you solve the error with instructions on your screen, making it even easier.

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