HR course tips: Specializations in Compensation and Benefits

It is common for HR professionals to feel the need to deepen their knowledge to stand out in specific areas of activity in the sector. One area that has been gaining importance in companies is Compensation and Benefits, which aims to think of compensation as a competitive advantage and a strategic factor in the organization. For professionals who already work in HR, investing in training, free HR courses and specializations in this sector can mean new career opportunities and greater appreciation in the job market.

For this reason, we have selected some interesting course options for those looking to specialize or upgrade in the area of ​​Compensation and Benefits. See the list below:

The first tip is our  Productivity Course by E-mail . We know that HR handles multiple tasks on a daily basis. Knowing how to organize them to meet delivery dates is not an easy task. We understand that this professional’s time is extremely valuable, so we developed a course done by email. It is not necessary to log into any platform, register, etc. Just answer this form and you will start receiving the course by email for free!

Learn how to improve your productivity:


The Integration Business School offers two options of courses focusing on benefit and compensation:

Benefits Analyst Development :

The course provides a comprehensive view of the benefits practiced by companies, so that the benefits analyst can choose and manage those that will provide the greatest return to the organization through the attraction, retention and motivation of employees. Check the next dates on the website.

  • Mode: in person (in São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro);
  • Investment: R $ 2,190.00;
  • Workload: 16 hours.

Variable remuneration and rewards :

This course focuses on variable compensation as a strategy for attracting and retaining talent. It aims to help the student to implement a compensation and rewards program in line with the company’s organizational objectives. It is aimed at HR managers, senior remuneration and benefits analysts, as well as entrepreneurs, financial or administrative managers involved in employee remuneration. Check the next dates on the website.

  • Modality: face-to-face (in São Paulo and Porto Alegre);
  • Investment: R $ 2,060.00;
  • Workload: 16 hours.



Senac also offers course options in several cities in the state of São Paulo:

Variable Remuneration :

The course allows the student to structure and implement variable remuneration plans, adapting existing models to the reality of the organization, in order to motivate the teams and guarantee the expected results. The only prerequisite is having completed high school.

  • Mode: In person;
  • Workload: 15 hours;
  • Investment: promotional value of R $ 336.70.

Positions and Salaries :

The course allows the student to describe, evaluate and classify positions through techniques relevant to the remuneration area, analyzing market practices and applying labor legislation. Thus, he can structure the remuneration policy considering the company’s strategies and policies.

  • Mode: In person;
  • Hours: 45 hours;
  • Investment: promotional value of R $ 562.80.



The Catho platform offers the Job Management and Compensation Strategies course . It aims to make the student able to establish remunerations that retain the talents of his company, implement a job and salary plan, conduct salary surveys, in addition to developing tools and remuneration models.

  • Mode: online;
  • Hours: 16 hours;
  • Investment: R $ 345.00.


RH Plus

RH Plus offers several course options on job and salary plans, fixed and variable compensation:

Training of Compensation Specialists :

The course proposes to prepare the student to outline the ideal remuneration strategy for his company. It covers job description and evaluation content, research on salaries and benefits, elaboration of salary structure and policy, as well as an introduction to variable remuneration.

How to implement a Variable Compensation Program :

Seeking to enable the student to apply a Variable Compensation Program, the course presents the best practices in the market. It shows how to align variable remuneration to the business and the company’s strategies, proposing an exercise with the stages of elaborating a conceptual project.

Positions and Salaries Plan in small and medium-sized companies :

This module helps the professional to structure a job and salary plan that helps the company achieve its results. Promoting the understanding of the company and its segment, it assists the student in the design of the position structure, development of the table and a salary policy.

RH Plus is headquartered in São Paulo and the courses are in person. To find out more about dates, workload and values, contact information is on the website .



Unieducar offers the Positions, Salary and Compensation course . It addresses topics such as job descriptions, remuneration strategies, job evaluation and classification, so that the professional understands in what ways the salary policy can be implemented within an organization.

The course is online and has a free option. The free version has 4 hours of workload with video classes and offers online certificate. The paid options have a higher workload and have specialized tutoring. The most complete has 260 hours and costs R $ 511.67. The other options can be consulted on the website


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