How Zoom works

Over the last few months, due to the various lockdowns that have taken place all over the world, there has been a real boom in videoconferencing; certainly it is not a new technology but for a long time ignored; today, due to what is called smartworking, meetings in any office now take place via videoconference, so it is really essential to know the subject. Zoom is one of the many services available to make video calls and is used a lot especially in recent times for its ease of use. If you still don’t know how Zoom works then I suggest you read this article because the topic is very interesting and this service is among the best available at the moment. Without getting too lost in further chatter, I go straight to the point …


  • How Zoom works
    • Start a meeting with Zoom
    • How to join a Zoom meeting

How Zoom works

To understand How Zoom works explained before what we are talking about … in our case we are talking about Zoom meetings which is a program created to make video calls (exactly like Teams or Skype) which therefore allows you to talk and see more people connected remotely and share with their files (such as a presentation); in short, Zoom allows you to carry out not only normal video calls but also and above all remote meetings. In addition to Zoom meeting there are other versions of Zoom such as Zoom Room.

Zoom Meeting is available in different versions:

The basic version is the only free version and has as its main limitation the maximum duration of 40 minutes for each meeting (there are no time limitations instead for video calls (ie with only 2 participants).

So, unless you have special needs, you can use the free version for business or private reasons to start video conferences for up to 100 participants for a maximum duration of 40 minutes.

Now let’s see how Zoom works to make a video call. First you will need to register for the service from the official page by clicking on the writing at the top right Sign up, it’s free and follow the whole procedure.

To use Zoom Meeting you will need to download the application. Zoom meeting is available for PC and Smartphone and Tablet ( iOS and Android ); but you can also use it via the web without application directly from the browser by connecting to the main page of the service.

Start a meeting with Zoom

Now that you know how Zoom works it’s time to see how to start a meeting with Zoom; as I anticipated at the beginning of the article, the beauty of zoom is its simplicity and in fact calling a meeting is very simple. Regardless of the platform you are using, to start a meeting with Zoom, simply press the Start a meeting button and then invite participants. The invitation consists of a simple link to the meeting; to invite people to the meeting click on Participants and then Invite ; from here you can decide how to send the invitation, whether with an email or simply by copying the link of the meeting and then sending it as you prefer (for example via whatsapp).

During the videoconference you can activate and deactivate the audio, video or microphone at any time using the relative keys located at the bottom of the screen; It is a good idea to always turn off the microphone when someone else is talking to avoid disturbing them.

You can also write in the chat and share your screen at any time during the meeting (for example, if you need to show a presentation). To conclude the videoconference with Zoom, you just need to click on the word End ; in this way the conference will be interrupted for all participants.

How to join a Zoom meeting

You have received an invitation to a meeting with Zoom; to participate in the videoconference, simply click on the link shown in the invitation and the videoconference in question will automatically open in the Zoom application; obviously you will need to have Zoom installed on your device.

Now that you know How Zoom works you can understand why it is one of the most used video conferencing services; its free version is able to cover most of the needs even in professional fields and its ease of use distinguishes it from other video conferencing services.

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