How WhatsApp Web works

Have you ever wondered how WhatsApp Web really works ? It seems like magic when you capture the QR code with your mobile and you can start chatting with your contacts, but the reality is that it is all quite easy to understand as you will see below.

Perhaps one of the most surprising details when you use WhatsApp Web for the first time on your PC is that by capturing a simple QR code , the computer screen magically changes and the main WhatsApp Web screen opens with your conversations.

Another aspect that can generate more confusion is the fact that you must have your mobile near the computer and with an Internet connection so that WhatsApp Web can work without problems, so that you can see all your synchronized conversations on both sites.

WhatsApp Web is not a separate service

We can say that WhatsApp Web is not an independent web client , but rather a method to access WhatsApp through mobile. And it is that this possibility what it really does is connect to your mobile to download all the information that you see on your PC and make the connection through said device.

That is the reason why you should have your mobile nearby, because WhatsApp Web really has an “open connection” with the WhatsApp app on your smartphone permanently, hence you can see messages, images and other messages in real time and in a synchronized way. the terminal and on the computer.

You will have noticed that from the moment you move your mobile away or it runs out of Internet, WhatsApp Web informs you that something is wrong and that it cannot make the connection, something that is quickly solved only by placing the smartphone next to the PC.

Although it may seem a bit annoying, it has its advantage and is related to security. It may happen that by mistake you have a PC with a WhatsApp Web session open and at a certain moment you go with your mobile, another person could access your messages, but they could not receive new ones or see the ones you send, but in this case It is always best to log out of any WhatsApp Web location .

What’s in the QR code

Although the information contained in the QR code offered by WhatsApp Web to make the connection between the PC and the mobile is unknown , the logical thing is that it had all the information of your WhatsApp profile and the necessary parameters to make the connection between the devices .

If you try to read the QR code with the camera, you will not see more than a series of numbers, letters and symbols that do not say anything , do not lead to any URL or anything because it does not lead anywhere from the browser. In any case, your QR code is unique and you should not show it to someone.

This QR code is not always the same, it always varies, you can even realize that when you go to capture with your mobile the one you see on your PC to make the connection, it changes every few seconds, so the one that is now will not be the same one that will be available 10 seconds later.

How to use WhatsApp Web

Once the operation of WhatsApp Web has been explained, these would be the steps you must follow to use the service :

  • Open the WhatsApp Web website.

Web: WhatsApp Web

  • Take your mobile, open WhatsApp and go to configuration / WhatsApp Web.
  • Click on link device and now capture with the mobile camera the QR code that appears on the web that you have opened in the first step, in a few seconds a new session will open in your browser to chat through WhatsApp Web , remember to have your mobile nearby forever.
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