How to view missed calls

What are missed calls? They need no definition or explanation and have been around for decades. A missed call notification appears on our mobile phone when they have called us and we have not picked it up. It is less and less frequent to resort to alerts in operators because our friends and acquaintances write to us by WhatsApp or Telegram if they have not been able to speak with us but not all the calls we receive are from known people : the reminder of your dentist appointment or a call to pick up an order in a store … in these cases, it is convenient to know who he was, what he wanted or when he called us.

Someone has tried to contact us but has not been able to because we were without coverage, turned off or we were simply talking to another person or we did not see the phone screen when they were calling us. It is at those times when the notification of a missed call appears on the screen or in the Phone app and we can know who has called us.

How to view missed calls

Missed calls are not something new from smartphones but from old Nokia phones without Internet. We see an icon, a message on the screen, a warning that tells us that someone has tried to call us and we have not picked it up.

How do we see them? It depends on the phone itself, the brand or the model. Generally, we will see a notification on the smartphone that tells us that someone has called us while we were not available. We will see the number that has called us or the name if we have it in the stored agenda , time and date.

Beyond notifications, we can also see the phone’s agenda or the call log that depends on the brand of mobile you have. The application will change from one brand to another but in all of them they will show us the calls. For example, on Huawei phones you can go to the Phone application and you will see the record of all calls: received, sent and missed. Losses that we have not taken will appear in red along with a phone icon with an “x”. This will be displayed differently on each phone but always with a similar symbol.

SMS notification

In addition to seeing the notification when we have not been pending the mobile, we can also receive it if it was turned off or if we were talking to another person. Missed call alerts allow us to receive a notification on the mobile phone when someone has tried to contact us without success. It usually occurs in cases where the phone is turned off or out of range and we receive an SMS , when we connect, that tells us who called us and when they called.

All operators allow us to configure it either through a code that we dial on the phone or from the app or the website of said operator, accessing the customer section and managing the services of the line.

In Movistar

The service is free in Movistar and is called “Missed Calls service” . You receive an SMS notification in case of being turned off or out of coverage, but also if you are talking to someone at that moment and you receive another call, if you are “communicating” you will also receive that SMS that will tell you if someone called you.

It is a totally free service and does not have any activation fee. It costs nothing but you can activate and deactivate it in 22200 or in 1004 for MultiSIM.

On Vodafone

The Vodafone call service offers us the same as the previous one: it informs you, with an SMS, of the calls you receive on your phone while it is off, busy or out of coverage. To activate it, we do it from the website.

To do so, we go to the operator’s website and we can access it with our email and password. Once inside our account, we can touch on “Line settings” and from there we go to “Call options”. If there are several lines available, choose the one that interests us. Here, click on “Missed call alerts” and activate or deactivate as you are interested: when it is off or out of coverage / when you are talking on the phone.

In Yoigo

Yoigo customers can receive a free missed call alert if we were busy, shut down, or out of coverage at the time. We can do it from the web page or the app by accessing our profile and managing the services but you can also do it directly with a code on the keyboard.

Just dial * 67 * 556 # and call key, then * 62 * 556 # and call key, then * 61 * 556 # and call key. The missed calls service will be activated. Keep in mind that when you activate the service, the answering machine is automatically deactivated.

In Orange

In Orange, the call notification service is also free and the information message will give us the phone number of the person who called you (or the name if it is on your agenda) and the time and date of the call. In addition, it is activated by default so we do not have to worry about activating it to know who is calling.

To activate or deactivate we can go to the customer area. We access with our data and go to the “Contract” section. Here, go to “Call Alert” and check if it is enabled or disabled. Activate or deactivate as you need.

In O2

The service in o2 is activated by default on all the lines you have from the operator and has no extra cost. Like the rest, it notifies the calls we receive when we have not been available through an SMS. You receive a text message with the data of the person who called you, the date and time of the call and all the necessary data to know whether or not you want to answer.

If you want to deactivate it, you simply have to call 22200 as in Movistar and the call has no cost. We mark the one when the voiceover speaks and we confirm that we want to deactivate it. In case you want to activate it again, the steps are identical and we call the same free number again.

In Amena

Amena also includes the “call notification” service, completely free of charge . It is similar to the previous ones. They explain it on their help website: “If you are talking on the phone or have your mobile turned off or out of coverage, when you are available again you receive a text message informing you of the calls you have received in the meantime: the phone number of the person who called you, the time of the call and the date ”.

To activate or deactivate it, go to the Amena application and enter “My line”. Or from the website. Both ways will take you to the management of notices.

Dangers, scams and risks

Beware of missed calls. Once you receive the notification on the phone or by SMS, we can know who has tried to contact us and decide whether or not to return the call. But before doing so, it is important to search for that number in Google, on specific pages or in any other search engine. It is not advisable to contact without knowing who it is or without first making sure with a quick search on the Internet. It may be, as we have said, a store or dentist or advertising number. But there are also frequent missed call scams that make you call to see who it was and cost you a lot of money for just a few minutes with the phone off the hook.

Most of these cases are foreign prefixes. It is a fraudulent line that will make us have to  pay ‘extra’ on the phone bill. The prefixes of the scam for the missed call are: +355, +225, +233 and +234, +387. They are prefixes of countries such as Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Albania or Bosnia. In case the number is “rare”, we always search before launching to call back to see what they wanted.


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