How to verify that your graphics card drivers are up to date?

Doesn’t it make us think almost immediately about the graphics card when seeing a visual failure in our computer ? It is recommended that you check if the latest version of the device is also up to date.

The good news is that they all have integrated software to control their options so you can do it, followed by that we anticipate that the screen may flicker, it is normal, the video card is reset and in seconds it returns to its place.

But how to update my PC’s graphics card drivers? If you need to update them, you should look for new graphic drivers and with Windows 10 you can download and install them directly from Windows Update.

You can also use the update tools provided by your computer manufacturer manually. There are some manufacturers that include these tools to use computer drivers . You can try these steps for said update.

Step 1

Go to the Start menu and go to the search engine. Then you can use a keyword, or a search term, some may be the name of the manufacturer of your equipment. For example: Dell or HP. Also terms or words like: “update” “maintenance” or even the word “controller”.

Step 2

Open the driver and then install all available updates. It should be remembered that once the drivers are installed, if this is required, you must restart your computer to use the new drivers.

Step 3

Finally you can configure the screen with the buttons, something that is much simpler. If you have a desktop PC, we also recommend that you reinstall their own drivers, it is very simple, you can do it using the CD that came with the instructions.

Another option is to go to the manufacturer’s website , you must consult the model so that you can then download the additional programs. This is something impossible for a portable device, since in this case it depends on the GPU directly, in that case you can learn how to change or adjust the screen resolution in Windows 10 .

We hope that some of these methods and steps that we show you in this article have been useful and that you have been able to solve this problem with your screen in Windows 10 .


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