How to use the iPhone as a Google security key

Not long ago it has been possible to use the iPhone as a security key to start safely in the different Google services on any device, something very interesting that adds a security bonus to our account.

In order to adequately protect Google accounts against cybercriminals, the company added two-step verification at the time . It offers several methods, including the Google messages that alerts your phone when you log into Google.

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At that moment an SMS arrives on your mobile with a 6-digit code that you must enter on the device where you are logging in. In this way, apart from having to enter any Google service with your password, you will also be asked for this code.

This method is part of Google’s two-step verification , but it is not the only one, they have recently added that of the security key with the iPhone, which allows you to log in safely on nearby devices, although for this you have to comply some requirements:

  • Bluetooth devices: you must have an iPhone and another device with Bluetooth connectivity (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.).
  • Application: you have to download an app on the iPhone called Google Smart Lock.
  • Browser: where we are going to start the session, you must use Google Chrome.

If you meet these necessary requirements, you will be able to log into a Google service on any gadget with Bluetooth prior authorization from the iPhone thanks to the security key, something that must be previously configured on the Apple mobile.

Configure security key on iPhone

The first step that we must undertake will be to configure the security key . We will do it through the Google Smart Lock application for the iPhone, which will make our iPhone the device that confirms the login on other devices. To do this, you have to download the app that we leave you in the link below:

  • Download Google Smart Lock for iPhone

When you have it downloaded and installed, follow these steps:

  • Open the app, click on start, select your Google account and click on “configure “. The application automatically selects the Google account you have on the iPhone, so you should not do anything about it, if it is another account, just click on the drop-down and choose it.
  • It then enables Bluetooth connectivity and notifications.
  • It is time to log in with your Google account, the one you have previously selected, you just have to enter your name and password to enter.
  • Now select your iPhone to add the key and voila, a message will appear informing you that the iPhone has been added as a security key, as well as how the entire procedure works and why you must activate Bluetooth to do everything well, in addition to the explanation of why it is only allowed to use the Chrome browser.

Sign in and use iPhone to authorize access

We already have the most important step, now it is time to perform another essential step, activate Bluetooth on the iPhone and the device on which we want to log into Google Drive, Calendar or another Google service, so make sure you have said connectivity.

This two-step verification method is based on the proximity of the two devices , hence we activate Bluetooth and both must be close enough, otherwise it will not work, so keep this important detail in mind as well.

Once Bluetooth is activated and having the iPhone and, for example, a computer with Bluetooth activated and close to the iPhone, do the following:

  • On the computer, we open Google Chrome (it must be this browser and not another) and we enter, for example, Google Calendar. We enter the access data of our Google account (name and password) and if everything has been configured correctly, by clicking on “start session” a window called ” check your phone ” will appear, which will allow us to verify that it is really you.
  • At that time you should look at your iPhone and you will see that a notification appears that someone is trying to log in to another device, open it and you will have to click on the “yes” option so that you can enter from the computer. Now you must wait a few moments.
  • At that precise moment, another screen will appear on your PC confirming that the security key has worked correctly because it has verified that it is indeed you and not another person who has started the session on said computer. You just have to click on ” next ” and that’s it.

At this point, we have everything ready, you will have successfully logged in on that other device, in our case, a computer. The purpose of the security key is to use the iPhone to authorize or revoke access to our Google account on a nearby device.

The next time you enter the same service again, you will not be asked for anything, if you do it in another, yes and with the same method, as long as the devices are nearby. You will also have to use this procedure again in case you delete your browsing data from Chrome and try to enter that service again or if you enter Chrome incognito mode .

Otherwise, Google will ask you to use another method of two-step verification , either to enter the 6-digit code that arrives via SMS or one of the codes already established by the service itself and that you should always carry at hand.


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