How to activate dark mode in EMUI 10

The dark mode is beneficial for health, not only ours, but also that of the smartphone, since it helps to save battery. With EMUI 10 comes the possibility of implementing, with a single click, the dark mode throughout the terminal and the applications compatible with that state.

We have talked about dark mode on numerous occasions, from the most anticipated such as WhatsApp and Gmail , to others on Telegram, Chrome , YouTube, Instagram , even Google Assistant .

One way or another, dark mode has finally arrived. It is true that in EMUI 9 it was already possible, but with the new update to EMUI 10, now it has reached everyone. It is also true that not all phones will update to EMUI 10 , but those that will have it, or already have it, these are the steps to activate the dark mode on your Huawei mobile with EMUI 10:

  • Click on “Settings” , and in the search bar that appears above we write “Dark mode”.
  • Click on the option that appears and enter the menu.
  • Now we locate “Dark Mode” and click on the bar so that it turns blue (it means that it is already activated).
  • At that very moment, everything goes dark , even the applications, except for some that are not compatible, but as a general rule, the entirety should be in dark mode. In the settings of each application, we can eliminate that dark mode.

And in this simple way we can put the dark mode on our Huawei and Honor mobile, we only need EMUI 9 or EMUI 10. If the update has not yet arrived, there are some ways to force the update to EMUI 10 in our terminal , already be Huawei and Honor.

But no matter how hard we try, if our terminal is not on the list to receive the update, there is little we can do.

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