How to use Sky Q

Your friends are all talking about some series and shows aired on Sky, so you were thinking of subscribing to the famous pay TV too. By inquiring a little, you have discovered Sky Q , an innovative decoder proposed by Sky that allows you to access a very wide range of content via the Internet or satellite, including those of on-demand platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +, offering also a series of extremely interesting additional functions, including voice commands or the recording of your favorite programs.

The prospect of having a device of this kind at home and taking advantage of the entire ecosystem of services and contents included in Sky Q tempts you, not a little, however you still have some doubts about how everything works. How do you say? I guessed it and would you like to know if I can help you understand how to see the programs you love easily with Sky Q ? Of course yes, that’s why I’m here!

So take a few minutes of free time and read what I have to offer you in the next chapters: in no time at all, you will know how to activate Sky Q and how to use it to live the Sky viewing experience to the best of your ability. At this point, I just have to wish you good reading and … good viewing!


  • What is Sky Q, what it offers and how much it costs
  • How to use Sky Q
    • Your favorite content in one place
    • Voice commands
    • The Recordings
    • Personalized management of live programs
    • The wireless multiscreen function and Sky Go

What is Sky Q, what it offers and how much it costs

Before going to explain how to watch programs with Sky Q , it is necessary that you show you what the product in question consists of and how much it costs, so as to understand what you have in your hands. Sky Q is the most complete television experience offered by Sky , which allows you to access the content you love in one place in an easy and intuitive way, thanks to its innovative features. To access it, you can choose the mode that suits you best among those listed below.

  • Via the Internet:You will have access to the Sky Q experience through a compact and lightweight decoder that connects to your home Internet connection , without the need for a dish. Once connected to the Internet (given that you have an available speed of at least 10Mbit / s), Sky Q will be ready to watch programs in HD (high definition) quality. The cost of Sky Q via the Internet is € 9 one-time fee .
  • Via satellite: you will have access to the Sky Q experience through a decoder that connects to the dish, includes all the features of Sky Q via the Internet and, in addition, offers you the possibility to record any content on air, both on Sky and non-Sky channels. , pause a live program, resume watching from another TV at home and watch programs in 4K HDR (adding the Sky Ultra HD package for € 5 per month). The cost of Sky Q via satellite is € 29 one-time .

In addition, all Sky Q decoders are ready for the arrival of the new digital terrestrial , so even when the DVB-T2 standard is introduced , you will not have to change your device or TV but you can continue to watch your favorite programs just like you do today. . When you subscribe to Sky Q, the first thing to do is to select the basic offer , to be chosen from:

  • Sky TV: at a cost of € 14.90 per month , this package offers all the programs offered by Sky (including shows, reality shows and documentaries), the original Sky series and many TV series.
  • Entertainment plus: at a cost of € 19.90 per month , this package, similar to the previous one, offers all the programs offered by Sky and also includes a subscription to Netflix with the platform’s standard plan.

In addition to the basic offer, you can then also subscribe to one or more optional packages depending on the type of content you are interested in.

  • Sky Sport: at a cost of € 16 per month , it gives you access to European football, motorsport, basketball, tennis and much more.
  • Sky Calcio: at a cost of € 5 per month , it gives you access to Sky’s Super Leagues with more than 800 matches from the Italian and European leagues.
  • Sky Cinema: at a cost of € 10 per month , it gives you access to a large catalog of films of all kinds.

To know all the details of the contents included in these optional packages, go to the website .

As you can see, therefore, Sky Q offers a wide range of content suitable for any need. All you have to do is select the package that suits you best, depending on what you are looking for.

How to use Sky Q

You can’t wait to find out what makes Sky Q the best viewing experience Sky offers , aren’t you? In the next chapters I will talk to you about how Sky Q, integrating content from different providers on the same interface, making them searchable via voice command and usable in your own way through various innovative functions.

That said, you just have to keep reading this guide to understand how to enjoy your favorite shows to the fullest!

Your favorite content in one place

The element that, most of all, distinguishes and makes the viewing experience on Sky Q innovative is the availability of a vast range of linear channels (including digital terrestrial channels), on-demand content from Sky and the main apps such as Netflix. , Prime Video and Disney + , all integrated on the same interface , side by side. So you can instantly find the most viewed / everyone’s talking about without wasting time searching between apps.

On Sky Q, access to content from both Sky and from different providers is made available both through My Q , which is the section accessed when Sky Q is switched on, and in various thematic sections such as, for example, the Cinema section , the Sports section or, again, through the App section , where you can find the complete list of integrated apps on Sky Q divided by type: from Entertainment to Games , to Music and up to Sky Apps such as SkySport or SkyTG24.

In this way, finding the programs you prefer, even if they are on different platforms, is very simple and does not necessarily make it necessary to switch from one device to another.

Voice commands

As you have seen, the Sky Q interface is already a great starting point but, if what you see is not enough for you, then I recommend using voice control and its versatile commands.

  • If you are undecided about what to watch and would like to be able to choose from the best content from different providers, the best way is to say the command “Sky Q, what do you recommend?” to see the most viewed content on the main apps, the latest upcoming TV series, the sport in evidence and the suggested contents based on those you have recently seen on Sky.
  • If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more specific, there are several voice control features you can use: some examples.
    • To access one of the apps available on Sky Q, just say its name such as, for example, “Netflix”“Prime Video” or “Disney +” .
    • If there is a director or actor you particularly love, you can say their name to access a selection of content about them. The same thing you can do if you are looking for a specific genre such as, for example, “Science Fiction”.
    • If you are looking for a specific channel, you can directly say its name or number such as, for example, by saying “Sky Sport 4K”or by saying the command “Go to channel 200” .
    • If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is an overall view of the channels available on Sky Q, just say the voice command “TV Guide”to access the channel list and their programming.
    • If you are already watching a program but are interested in going forward or backward, just say the commands “Go forward”“Go back” , “Go to the minute [number]” or even “Go back to the beginning” . By doing so, Sky Q will send you back to the exact spot you want to watch.

Keep in mind, however, that some of the content you’ll find via voice control is part of add-on packages to the Sky Q base subscription, as I showed you earlier, so you won’t have access to them without first activating the offer. in question.

The Recordings

Another essential section of Sky Q and available only in the satellite version, is that of Recordings , which allows you to easily find all the programs you have recorded, if they were live programs, or downloaded, if they were programs. on demand.

The contents are immediately found because they are divided into various categories such as “By genre”, “from A to Z” and many others.

Remember that with Sky Q via satellite you can record 4 programs at a time , simultaneously.

Personalized management of live programs

Sky Q via satellite, in addition to providing a wide range of content, also offers various methods to be able to enjoy the programs of your choice to the fullest. In fact, the service is integrated with numerous features that contribute to giving full freedom in viewing the contents.

First of all, the most interesting function of Sky Q via satellite is the one that allows you to pause programs and go back , even if they are live. You can use this feature to review missed moments of the show you’re interested in.

To pause a broadcast you have to press the ►❚❚ button on the remote control. By pressing it again, of course, the transmission will continue. If, on the other hand, you want to send it backwards or forwards , you have to press on the arrow buttons to the left or to the right , depending on what you want to do. Furthermore, by pressing several times on the latter, you can decide the speed with which to go backwards or forwards in a transmission.

Please note that when you use this feature in a channel, you cannot rewind the broadcast any more than it was at the time you opened it. Likewise, of course, you cannot send a broadcast further than it is in real time.

As for the contents offered by Sky Q instead, ie those I told you about in the previous chapters, you can use this function in total freedom. In fact, you have the option to forward or reverse the broadcast at any time, as these are not broadcast in real time.

The wireless multiscreen function and Sky Go

The wireless Multiscreen function is definitely one of the most useful if you have Sky in a house inhabited by several people. With this feature, you can access your Sky Q subscription from as many as four additional TVs compared to the main one , so that everyone in the house can enjoy the content they prefer at the same time.

The wireless Multiscreen is available for all customers who have activated Sky Q Platinum and provides an additional cost on the monthly fee of € 6 per month for the Sky Multiscreen service (it is however possible to cancel it at any time).

If you are already desperate thinking about the cables that you would find scattered around the house, I reassure you right away by telling you that you do not need additional cables to connect multiple TVs together.

Let me explain: by activating Sky Multiscreen, you can receive up to four Sky Q Mini devices directly at home , depending on your needs. This device only needs to be connected to the mains and to the secondary TV via HDMI cable , after which you just need to connect it to the Internet via an Ethernet cable or conveniently via Wi-Fi .

With Sky Multiscreen, you can use the Continuous Watch function , which allows you to stop watching a program on your main TV and resume it from another device, whether it is a secondary TV or a smartphone, via Sky Go.

In fact, thanks to Sky Go , the application for smartphones, tablets and PCs included in the Sky Q subscription, by connecting your device to the same WiFi network to which Sky Q is connected, you will also be able to access all the recordings and downloads saved on Sky Q, as well as to all the channels available on Sky Q . Finally, if you want to have Sky programs and your recordings always with you, remember to download them when Sky Go is still synchronized with Sky Q. This way you can watch them wherever you want, even without Internet access.

In short, as you can see, Sky Q is extremely versatile and easily accessible at any time. Regardless of how you want to use it, you can activate the offer that best suits you and see the programs you love, however you like.

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