How to reset Google Nest Mini

You think having a voice assistant on your side is a great thing, and for that very reason, you recently approached the features of Google Home by buying a Google Nest Mini . The right choice: this little speaker has in fact proved to be a very valid help: it allows you to better plan your day, offers you the most important news, answers your questions and can even play your favorite songs.

However, your Google Nest Mini has been showing signs of instability for a few days now. Whether it is reception problems or does not respond to your requests the first time, you feel as if overnight everything can stop working completely and that the “magic” can end suddenly. Nothing to worry about, things like that can happen to anyone. Fortunately, Google’s engineers have also thought about this and, to remedy the problem, they have implemented the possibility of “starting over” through the device reset options , which often prove to be decisive (unless there are problems on the hardware side , in that case you must contact the assistance).

At this point you may be wondering, therefore, how to reset Google Nest Mini . Don’t worry: it is a very simple procedure and I am here today to explain it to you. In the course of the next few lines, in fact, I will show you how to reconfigure your smart speaker and bring it back to its initial state, therefore without the operating problems that it manifests now (or at least hopefully). Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • How to reset Google Nest Mini 2
    • How to restart Google Nest Mini
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How to reset Google Nest Mini 2

Before proceeding further and illustrate how to reset Google Nest Mini 2 (also simply called Google Nest Mini second generation), it is mandatory to specify some warnings related to this procedure. As this is a reset, in fact, the memory of the Google Nest Mini will be reset to the factory settings , deleting any data or settings contained within it.

For this reason, I advise you to carefully evaluate the options available to you and to reset the device only in cases of critical malfunctions. Inside the guide I will also show you all the steps to restart Google Nest Mini without having to reconfigure it. Here is all explained in detail.

How to restart Google Nest Mini

Let’s start by talking about the quickest and “painless” method to reset a Google Nest Mini, that is, simply restarting the speaker, without deleting any data or settings.

There are two ways to restart the Google Nest Mini, and both can be done without any major complications. The first requires the use of the Google Home application (available for Android and iOS / iPadOS ), which is the remote control center for any smart device produced by the company of the same name. To begin with, make sure that you have installed the application on your smartphone or tablet and that you have connected and configured your Google Nest Mini correctly.

Once this is done, open the Google Home application, where you will be greeted by the main screen of the application. From there, tap on the icon representing your device , which in the case of the Google Nest Mini corresponds to a stylized illustration of the latter.

Doing so will open the page dedicated to the device overview . Press on the gear symbol to open the settings page. Within this screen you can manage various settings, such as the device name , Internet connection and options related to voice recognition and digital well-being .

In your specific case, the option dedicated to restart is hidden inside a menu, which you can access by pressing on the three dots at the top right and selecting the Restart and OK options from the menu that opens. After a few seconds of waiting, your Google Nest Mini will be ready to use.

The second method is a little less “delicate” than the previous one, but just as effective, and involves manually restarting the device. To do this, you simply have to physically reach your Google Nest Mini and unplug its power cord , to turn off the speaker completely, and reconnect it after a few seconds.

Therefore, wait a few minutes to allow the correct restart of the latter. Once this is done, as in the previous case, you can go back to using your
voice assistant without having to configure it from scratch.

How to reset Google Nest Mini completely

In case your Google Nest Mini really fails to “recover” even after a reboot, the only solution left is to attempt a full reset , to restore the device to factory settings. As mentioned several times previously, this is an operation that should be carried out with extreme caution , as it removes any data present in the memory , including the initial configuration of the device.

As in the previous case, there are two methods to completely reset Google Nest Mini , both very simple to do, both through a physical interaction with the device, and through the Google Home app associated with it.

To physically reset the appliance, all you have to do is reach the room in which the Google Nest Mini was installed and disable the microphone using the special switch located on the side of the device.

Once this is done, the Google Nest Mini speaker lights will change color to orange and a short audio alert will sound from your assistant confirming that “the microphone sound has been muted”.

After that, apply gentle pressure on the center of the speaker for at least 5 seconds . A short audio signal will notify you of your choice to reset the device, inviting you to release your finger to cancel the operation in case of second thoughts.

On the contrary, after a few seconds the Google Nest Mini will emit a confirmation sound and start the factory reset. After a few seconds, the device will restart and you will have to go through the initial setup procedure again .

Resetting the Google Nest Mini directly from Google Home is an equally simple and immediate operation. First of all, make sure you have installed the application on your Android device or on your iPhone . After launching it, press on the device icon to access the Google Nest Mini overview.

From here, press on the gear symbol to access the settings, then on the Remove Device option and finally on Remove , to confirm. After a short upload, the device will be removed from your account and will need to be reconfigured to be usable again.

For the initial setup procedure, if you need help, you can follow my tutorial on how to set up the Google Home Mini .

How to reset Google Home Mini

In this guide, you have discovered how to reset a Google Nest Mini 2 , which is a second generation Google Nest Mini . However, these procedures can also be carried out with a Google Home Mini , that is the first generation model of the same device, net of some small differences that distinguish this particular model.

Aside from the presence of a lower quality speaker and a different type of connection (Micro-USB), the biggest difference between the two devices lies in the presence of a reset button located at the base of Google Home Mini. Precisely for this reason, the only way to reset Google Home Mini is by pressing the button for 5 seconds until you hear an audio alert that signals the imminent reset.

At that point, you must continue to press the button to confirm and start the factory data reset procedure . Once the reset is complete, the device will reboot and need to be reconfigured.

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