How to use iTunes Card

After reading my guide on how to load iTunes , you have decided to buy an iTunes Card to increase your Apple ID’s available balance. However, being your first experience with this type of service, you have not yet been able to understand how to redeem the amount of the Apple card and, for this reason, you would like my help to succeed in your intent. This is actually the case, am I right? Then let me tell you that you have come to the right place at the right time!

With today’s tutorial, in fact, I will explain how to use iTunes Card from smartphones, tablets and computers. In addition to showing you the detailed procedure and all the solutions at your disposal to credit the amount of the iTunes Card on your Apple ID, I will also show you how to use the redeemed credit to buy the applications or multimedia contents (movies, books and music) you prefer. . How do you say? Can’t wait to find out more? Then do not delay any longer and investigate the topic immediately!

Courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you see fit and, iTunes Card in hand, dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. Follow the instructions I am about to give you carefully, try to put them into practice on the device of your interest and I guarantee you that adding the amount of the gift card in your possession to your Apple ID will be as easy as drinking a glass of water! All that remains for me is to wish you good reading and a big good luck for everything!


  • iTunes Card: what it is for
  • How to use iTunes Card from iPhone and iPad
  • How to use iTunes Card from Android
  • How to use iTunes Card from computer

iTunes Card: what it is for

Before going into the details of this guide and explaining how to use iTunes Card , it may be useful to know the usefulness of Apple cards, where you can buy them and what are the available denominations.

If you’ve never heard of them before, iTunes Cards (not to be confused with Apple Store gift cards) are real top-ups that allow you to add funds to your Apple ID to make purchases on the iTunes Store, App Store and Apple Books.

It is the best payment solution for all users who want to buy apps, music, movies and books but do not have the ability to associate their Apple ID with one of the payment methods accepted by Apple, such as credit card or PayPal .

If you are interested in purchasing an iTunes Card, you should know that you can find them in physical format (in denominations of 15 , 25 , 50 and 100 euros ) in Apple Stores and authorized points of sale, such as electronics stores and Sisal bookstores. and Lottomatica. Alternatively, you can buy them online (and also send them as a gift) on the official Apple website in customizable denominations from 10 to 200 euros .

How to use iTunes Card from iPhone and iPad

If your intention is to use iTunes Card from iPhone and iPad , first of all, tap on the gear wheel icon   on the home screen, to access the   iOS Settings , then make sure you are logged in with your Apple ID.

At this point, start the App Store , by tapping on its icon (the white “A” on a light blue background), press on your photo , at the top right, and select the Add gift card or promotional code option from the screen that is proposed to you. Then, press on the item Use the camera and scan the 16-digit code on the back of the iTunes Card with the camera of your iPhone or iPad.

If, on the other hand, you have purchased the Apple card online or you prefer to type the code manually, tap on the option You can also type the code , enter the code in question in the appropriate field and press the Use code button to credit the iTunes amount. Card on your Apple ID.

Alternatively, it will be useful to know that you can also redeem the Apple card code using the iTunes Store app . In this case, start the app in question, by tapping on its icon (the white star on a purple background ), and press the Redeem code button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve redeemed your iTunes Card credit, you’re ready to make your purchases. If your intention is to buy a paid application, all you have to do is start the App Store and select the Search option , in order to search for the app of your interest. Once identified, simply tap on its price and confirm the purchase, by pressing the right side button of the device twice consecutively and using the Face ID (on iPhone X or iPad Pro 2018 and later) or via Touch ID or entry Apple ID password (on older iPhone and iPad models).

If, on the other hand, you want to buy or rent a movie or gift a song with iTunes , start the iTunes Store app and select the option of your interest among Music , Movies and Ringtones , while to buy a book or an audiobook you can use the Books app .

It will be useful to know that, at any time, you can view the balance available on your Apple ID by accessing the iOS Settings , pressing on your displayed name at the top and choosing the iTunes and App Store option .

In the new screen that appears, tap your Apple ID , choose the View Apple ID option and, if required, authenticate via Face ID, Touch ID or entering the Apple ID password, in order to access the Account Settings section , in the which you can view the credit available on your account (next to the item Apple ID balance ).

How to use iTunes Card from Android

Have you received an iTunes Card as a gift and are wondering if you can use it on your Android device ? If so, the answer is yes but, as you can imagine, you cannot use the amount associated with the card to purchase applications, movies, books or songs. All you can do is use your iTunes Card to activate a subscription to Apple Music , Apple ‘s music streaming service.

If this is your case and you want to activate Apple Music using the credit of your iTunes Card, take your Android device, start the Play Store , by tapping on its icon (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol), and download the Apple Music application .

At the first start, then tap on the item I accept , to accept the terms of use of Apple Music, press the Continue button and choose the Sign in option . In the new screen displayed, enter the required data in the Apple ID and Password fields and tap the Login button to log in with your Apple ID (if you don’t have one yet, I’ll leave you to read my guide on how to create an Apple ID ) .

Now, select the Discover option visible in the menu located at the bottom, tap on the three dots icon and choose the Account item from the menu that appears. In the new screen displayed, locate the Subscription section , press on the item Use gift card or code , enter the code shown on the back of your iTunes Card (it was sent to you via email if you purchased online) in the field Enter the code here and tap the Use code button to redeem the credit on the card.

At this point, you may be asked to choose whether to use the card to get months of Apple Music subscription. If you don’t select this option, the iTunes Card amount will be credited to your Apple ID.

How to use iTunes Card from computer

It will be useful to know that you can use the iTunes Card from a computer , as long as the latest version of iTunes is installed on it  . If you have a Mac, you can also redeem the gift card amount from the Mac App Store .

To proceed with the download of iTunes, if you have a PC with Windows 10 , start the Microsoft Store by pressing the shopping bag icon located in the application bar, press the Search item and write ” iTunes ” in the search field. In the new screen displayed, press on the iTunes icon and click on the Get button , to start downloading and installing it.

If you have a PC with Windows 8 or earlier versions of the Microsoft operating system, to download iTunes connected to the official Apple website and click on the option of your interest among Download 64 bit or Download the app from here (if your operating system has a 32-bit architecture). Once the download is complete, double-click the iTunes64Setup.exe file (or the iTunesSetup.exe file ) and press the Next and Install buttons to start the iTunes installation wizard.

If, on the other hand, you are using a Mac , you should know that iTunes is installed “by default” in macOS and it is not necessary to download. If not, you can either  install macOS Mojave  which includes iTunes version 12.9 (not available as a dmg package) or download iTunes 12.8 (at the time of this writing it’s the latest version available as a dmg package) from  Apple’s official website .

Now you are ready to redeem your iTunes Card. Regardless of the operating system installed on your computer, start iTunes , click the Accept button  , to accept the terms of use of the software and click the Access iTunes Store button . Then enter your Apple ID data in the Apple ID and Password fields and press the Login button to access your account.

To redeem the amount of the gift card, click on the Account item visible at the top and select the Redeem code option from the menu that appears. If you have the physical version of the iTunes Card, click the Use Camera button and scan the 16-digit code on the back of the gift card with your computer’s webcam. Alternatively, manually enter the code in question in the appropriate field, press the Redeem code button and you’re done.

At this point, you can make your iTunes Store purchases using your Apple ID balance. All you have to do is start iTunes, select the Store option , choose the option of your interest ( Music , Movies , Audiobooks and TV Shows ) via the drop-down menu located at the top left and click on the price of your content. interest to proceed with automatic payment using the amount of the iTunes Card that you previously redeemed.

If, on the other hand, your intention is to download a paid application from the Mac App Store , start the latter by tapping on its icon (the white “A” on a light blue background) visible in the Dock bar of your Mac and, if still you have not done so, proceed to redeem the amount of your gift card.

Then press on your photo visible at the bottom left, choose the Use gift card option and, if required, enter your Apple ID password in the appropriate field. Now, choose the option Use the camera to frame the iTunes Card code with your Mac’s webcam, otherwise type the code in question in the Code field  and press the Use code and Finish buttons to redeem the credit manually.

Once this is done, locate the paid app you want to buy, writing its name in the Search field at the top, tap its price and choose the Buy app option . Then enter your Apple ID password in the Password field (or use Touch ID , if your Mac supports it) and click the Buy button , to complete the payment using your Apple ID balance and start downloading the app.

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