How to Use Gemini AI

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How to Use Gemini AI

How to Use Gemini AI

Here are 10 basic functions to get the most out of the Google chatbot. Valid for both Gemini and Gemini Advanced. We could say that Gemini is the advanced version of Google Bard , and this in turn has an even more advanced version called Gemini Advanced , pardon the redundancy.

This new multimodal generative AI stands out for being a premium service that incorporates the Ultra 1.0 model , or in other words, the most advanced artificial intelligence that Google has right now. Gemini Advanced will soon be integrated with tools like Gmail or Google Docs, but if you have already gotten the 2-month free trial of Gemini Advanced and want to see how it works, here we have prepared a small basic guide to use.

1- Make sure Gemini Advanced is activated

The first thing we have to do before starting to use the Google chatbot is to make sure that Gemini Advanced is selected. To do this, open the drop-down menu that you will see in the upper left area of ​​the chat.

You’ll notice right away, since the standard version’s logo is blue, and the premium version has a red icon .

2- Check the veracity of the answers

Gemini Advanced is a more evolved and creative AI, but it still makes mistakes or ‘hallucinations’. To reduce the impact of these types of errors, Gemini Advanced includes an information verification tool at the end of each response .

If we click on the Google icon that we will see at the end of each response, Google will carry out a check in its search engine to locate information that corroborates or contradicts the chatbot’s response.

If you find contradictory information on the Internet, that phrase will appear highlighted in red next to an informative link.

On the other hand, if you find data that verifies the information, those phrases will be highlighted in green and a link will also be attached to expand the information.

3- Use Gemini’s text-to-speech feature

Gemini has a very interesting function that we can activate so that it reads its answers aloud . This is something that other chatbots like Microsoft Copilot incorporate, but is still absent in other applications like ChatGPT. Luckily, Gemini has a pretty good text-to-speech function, with a very successful organic and natural voice.

To have Gemini’s AI read an answer out loud, simply click on the volume icon that you will see at the beginning of each answer.

4- Modify the length of the answers and the tone

Gemini Advanced will always try to give us the most complete answers possible, seeking a balance between the length and complexity of the information it wants to transmit to us. Sometimes with a short answer we will have more than enough, while other times the AI ​​may fall short in its reasoning.

Gemini has an adjustment menu at the end of each response that allows us to regenerate the AI ​​according to these 5 parameters:

  • More short
  • Longer
  • Simpler
  • More informal
  • More professional

Simply choose the desired option and Gemini will rephrase the same answer, but applying the new selected criteria.

5- Disable Gemini activity tracking and clear history

By default, Google Gemini saves all the questions we ask it for a maximum of 18 months. If you do not want Google to save your activity in Gemini, follow these steps:

  • In the left side menu of Gemini, click on “ Activity ”.
  • In the “Activity in Gemini applications” section, click “ Disable ”.

If you want to delete the history of the activity that has already been recorded so far, press the “Delete” button that you will see just below. This option works just like Chrome history: it allows you to delete the last hour, the last day, or the entire Google Gemini history.

6- Create public links to share them with other people

If any of your Gemini Advanced conversations contain interesting information that you’d like to keep or share with others, you can create public links. Click on the share icon that you will see at the end of the response and select “Share”.

This will open a new window to create a public page. Write a title for the conversation and click on “ Create public link ”.

You will automatically get a link that you can share, and that chat will also be added to your list of public links. You can review your public links at any time from the side menu, entering “ Settings -> Your public links ”.

7- Analysis of images and photographs

Gemini is a multimodal AI, which means we can communicate with it using text and voice, but also with images. You can ask the Google chatbot to analyze any image by clicking on the image icon that you will see in the chat writing box.

Upload the desired image and ask any related questions. For example, if a dog appears, you can ask it what breed it is, you can ask it to identify the place that appears in the photo, describe the environment of the image, etc. You can also use Gemini’s AI to reverse engineer prompts . The limit is set by your imagination and creativity.

8- Ask Gemini to organize a walking route or guide you on your trip

Gemini Advanced is integrated with Google Maps, which means we can ask you for directions, routes and directions to get anywhere.

The interesting thing about all this is that it will show us the information accompanied by photographs of the most relevant points along the way .

9- Get summaries and transcripts of YouTube videos

The Google chatbot also has a direct connection with YouTube. This way, we can pass it a video URL and ask Gemini Advanced to give us a summary or transcribe the video to text.

We can also take the opportunity to request more information about a certain video, or to suggest a playlist with related content on any topic.

10- Fix the most important conversations

If you have already used other text generators, you know that in the end you end up accumulating a lot of conversations that go nowhere. Take the opportunity to delete chats from time to time, and if you have a conversation that you access frequently and want to always have on hand, post it on your chat board .

To pin a chat simply click on the three dots icon that you will see next to it and choose “Pin”.

Once set, the conversation will appear in the upper area of ​​the chat, above the rest, and with a pin icon on the right so that you can clearly identify it

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