How to update MacBook

It’s important to periodically upgrade your MacBook . The upgraded version not only speeds up the work of the gadget, but also opens up additional opportunities. Safari, iTunes and other programs are pumped along with the software. Let’s figure out how to update iOS on MacBook!

Types of MacBook updates

Before you upgrade your MacBook, you should decide which pumping option is needed. There are two of them.

  1. Change of “operating system” to another. Then you need to know and understand what you want.
  2. Upgrade the current OS version.

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What you need before installation

Before you update the OS on a MacBook, you need to clarify what kind of OS the device is currently running on. How relevant is it. To do this, look at the “About this Mac” item in the “apples” menu located in the corner of the screen.

When you understand the current version of the OS, then you can conclude whether it is the latest or you need an update.

The preparation for the software update depends on what “operating system” the device operates on. If the version of Mojave is installed or one of the new ones, you need to perform three manipulations to upgrade the software.

  1. Find “System settings” in the “apple” menu, → click the “update” button. This step will display the option to upgrade the current version.
  2. If an update is available, don’t rush to update right away. The menu has the ability to specify specific functions that require an upgrade. If you need to update the entire work of the device, select “Update now”.
  3. In case the current software update is the last one, information about it will be displayed in the update menu. This means that all running programs function adequately.

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How to update your MacBook

The first thing to do before updating iOS on a MacBook is to download the “update” software to the device. To do this quickly, you need to follow three points.

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Select the “Updates” section in “App Store”.
  3. At the top of the screen, click on the “Update” icon.

The latest innovations are displayed on the screen.

System Restore

As an alternative upgrade option, “Mac” assumes OS recovery. Late OSes are more complex, so gadgets often function better on the upgraded software of early OSes. The process of “getting rid” of a new OS is not difficult. With a stable access to the World Wide Web, even a beginner will master the recovery algorithm. And here is the algorithm itself:

  • turn on the computer;
  • when the operating system starts loading, click the Command + Rcombination ;
  • press the “Restore” button → select the “Continue” command;
  • the screen will display hints on how to correctly end the recovery session.

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Full restart and App Store

Apple devices are fully upgradeable through the App Store. This process takes about an hour, depending on the user’s skills and the speed of the network connection.

The algorithm is as follows.

  • Select a suitable operating system (all types are shown in the table below).
  • Make sure that the computer meets all the requirements and supports the OS functionality.
  • Enter the “Up Store” application.
  • In the search engine of the application, drive in the name of a suitable “operating system”.
  • Open the page of the required system.
  • Click the download icon.
  • After the file is downloaded to the device, follow the prompts to unpack the files.
  • Finish the action by also following the prompts.

From a flash drive

To update your Macbook Air to the latest version, you can do this right from the USB stick . The method is simple and effective. You will need a flash drive of at least 8 GB, which is named “Untitled”. The further algorithm of actions involves three steps.

  1. Download a suitable OS to the device . To do this, App Store download files with settings, and when a window opens on your computer with a proposal to install the OS on a Mac, you need to close it. Now the necessary files for installation have remained on the computer and you can transfer them to removable media.
  2. Using special programs (MacDaddy Install Disk Creator or DiskMaker X), adapt the Flash drive as a download item.
  • In “Mac Dedi” you need to select the drive with which you will work, → click “Select the OS X Installer” and select the desired OS.
  • Final action → “Create Installer”, after which the preparation of the “flash drive” will begin.
  • In the “Disk maker” select the desired OS, → click “Erase then create a disk”. All data will be erased from the drive, and after the “Continue” command and the password is entered, adaptation will begin.
  1. Connect the drive to the computer and restart the OS according to the instructions from the boot wizard. Upgrade the system.

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From disk

If the previous drive is inconvenient, you can update your MacBook to the latest version from disk . The order of steps will be similar to the previous option, only you need to take a disc with the recorded installation program. After the drive is placed in the computer, you must restart the computer and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

How to upgrade your Mac to macOS Mojave

Before you upgrade your MacBook Air to Mojave OS, you need to make sure that three conditions are met.

  1. The Apple gadget is compatible with the selected OS. A list of suitable devices is shown below.
  2. You have successfully backed up important data on the device.
  3. An uninterrupted network access is configured and the device is connected to power.

You can start the installation using the on-screen prompts. It is better to start the installation in the evening, in order to leave it overnight if necessary, as the process can be delayed. When loading, do not perform any actions so as not to knock out the settings.

Compatible models with latest firmware: table

Gadget Year of issue
iMac Pro all
iMac 2012 and newer
MacBook Pro 2012 and newer
MacBook Air 2012 and newer
Mac Mini 2012 and newer
Mac Pro 2010, 2012, 2013
MacBook 2015 and later

Possible problems and solutions

During the MacBook upgrade, an error or warning may appear on the display. Experts advise taking a number of measures that are likely to help fix the problem.

  • Make sure that the device being upgraded is connected to a USB computer, and not a keyboard or hub.
  • Restart the gadget.
  • Check if the computer software requires replacement or pumping.
  • Try the procedure again.

Automatic system update

Apple devices have this function. When updates appear, it is loaded in the background. It’s comfortable. The owner does not need to waste time upgrading his gadget. If you do not want to automatically update your Mac, the function can be deactivated in the settings.

It’s not difficult to change OS or upgrade software. Skills and professional experience are not required. It is only important to use original Apple devices and strictly adhere to the prompts that appear on the screen during the process. All tools and programs for pumping are free and available on the Internet. And it is up to the user to decide whether to upgrade to the latest firmware or limit himself to upgrading the software.

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