How to update Amazon Kindle eReader software?

Today e-book readers are widely used, hence Amazon took care to make one to compete in this field, it has done very well because of its quality and price it is the best in its category.

Amazon has its own content platform to buy, store and read books, of course its equipment allows you to digitally read all this information stored there. Of course, all these devices require updates to improve their quality, the new devices on the market have optimized their image, also their internal memory is very good. If you want to know how many versions of Kindle eReader there are to date and their price list visit the link above.

But sometimes we have Amazon Kindle eReaders that are recent and they need to update their software. That will allow them to level their quality with the latest models on the market. Although the Amazon Kindle models bring unique features such as their water resistance, a light sensor to increase or decrease the light on the device and larger screen.

The most remarkable thing is that you can do software updates to bring it to the same level as the latest equipment on the market. Let’s now see how to download the latest software for the Amazon Kindle eReader. We can do it in two ways, one of them is via Wi-Fi and the other is manually.

You can access all Kindle eReader models through the Amazon website with this Amazon device web link .

Update Amazon Kindle eReader software over Wi-Fi

Learn to do it for you step by step:

Step 1

You go to settings and connect it to Wi-Fi.

Step 2

To be in settings, press device options. There you will see update my Kindle.

Step 3

When there are updates you can press the button, if there is no this button it will be off. The software download will take some time, after it is finished it will restart automatically.

Update Kindle manually

This happens on some occasions when there is no internet, we are going to do it step by step:

Step 1

Now you have to go to the Amazon website , then locate the software updates for Amazon devices.

Step 2

You select your team according to the model.

Step 3

When locating it, you give it download. Already having it on your computer with a USB cable you connect it to your device. You go to settings

Step 4

To be in settings, press device options.

Step 5

You go to the option to update my Kindle that you already have and click to download. The same thing happens you have to wait a while and then the computer will restart automatically.

In these types of updates you must have your Kindle device fully charged.

Amazon has stood out for not only updating the software of these devices , it has also added new functions within these programs, security is one of them and also some Amazon services.

The advantages of these readers are many, some give you access to wikipedia at no additional charge, in addition to being able to read newspapers, magazines or know the meaning of words that appear in the reading.

They also allow us to have a lot of content stored in them that prevents us from having to load physical books if, for example, we study or are teachers.

Keep your Amazon Kindle eReader up to date regarding changes to its software, this will allow you to achieve better performance on your device, as well as the news that Amazon offers along with the update.

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