How to unlock TikTok

A friend of yours, as a joke, has set usage limits for the TikTok app also using the inappropriate content filter integrated into the app of the famous Chinese social network. After begging him to remove the block, your friend just gave you the code he used to set the restrictions, but didn’t explain how to unblock TikTok .

You have already tried to get by on your own by “rummaging” through the app settings and now you are discouraged because you have not been able to achieve your goal. How do you say? This is exactly how things are and would you like me to give you my help to solve this unpleasant situation (so as not to have to give other “satisfactions” to your friend, asking him for a hand)? Very gladly: consider it already done! In the next chapters, in fact, I will explain how to remove all the limitations from TikTok: not only those integrated in the latter but also those that can be applied from the Android and iOS / iPadOS settings.

How do you say? Doesn’t your problem have to do with restrictions on using TikTok, rather with the password to access your account? Don’t worry, in due course I will also show you how to fix this matter and, in addition, I will also show you how to behave in case your account has been blocked in case of violation of the terms of use of the platform. I bet you can’t wait to move on to “practice”, right? So let’s roll up our sleeves and see how to proceed.


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Unlock TikTok

As I mentioned earlier, the TikTok app has a function to limit the time of use and the contents displayed in it: it is called Application Control and deactivating it is very simple.

I would like to point out, however, that to do this you must necessarily be aware of the code set at the time of its activation (if you are not aware of this data, unfortunately, not even uninstalling the app or removing its data and cache from the device can disable the restrictions) .

So, do you want to know how to unlock TikTok ? I’ll settle you immediately. Open the social network app and tap the Profile icon (the one with the little man symbol ) at the bottom right. Then, press the ☰ button located at the top right and, in the list of items on the next screen, select the wording Application control , then tap on the Limited mode item (if the wording Activated is displayed next to it ; otherwise do nothing).

Then press the Deactivate limited mode button , enter the code initially set in the appropriate field, press the Next button and you’re done. You just removed the restrictions on the content displayed in the app.

If the usage time filter has also been set and you want to remove it, go back to the Application control menu , then press the Time management and Deactivate items , enter the code set in the app and press the Next button . Nothing complex, right?

In case you are wondering, it is not possible to proceed through the TikTok site or its application for Windows .


How do you say? Are you prompted for a password or your fingerprint every time you try to open TikTok on your Android device ? This is due to the fact that restrictions on the use of the app have been applied from the operating system settings.

Removing the restrictions in question is almost instantaneous, as long as you know the password or unlock pattern set when the function was activated (or can use your face or fingerprint to identify you); otherwise, unfortunately, you will be forced to reset your device to factory settings .

To proceed with the deactivation of the TikTok lock, then, access the Android Settings by tapping on the gear icon that you can find in the notification area menu, on the home screen or in the app menu. Then, press on the App item and, on the next screen, select the wording App lock .

At this point you must unlock the device with a face , fingerprint or by typing in password , PIN or unlock pattern (depending on the identity verification method selected initially). Once this step is completed, just tap on the switch next to the TikTok item to turn it OFF and, therefore, unlock the app. Simple, right?

How do you say? Do you want to completely disable the app lock feature? Then press on the gear icon located at the top right and press on the switch related to the App lock item , finally press the OK button to confirm.

iPhone and iPad

On iPhones and iPads, you can use the Screen Time feature to impose restrictions on the various apps installed on your device. If, therefore, the time of use or the display of TikTok contents have been limited in this way and you no longer need these restrictions, do this: press the gear icon that you can find on the home screen or in the App library on your device and, once the Settings screen has opened , tap the Usage time item .

Continue by pressing on the wording App restrictions , choose the type of usage limitation you want to remove and, if necessary, type the unlock code initially set to activate the function. Now press on the TikTok item and tap the Delete limitation button twice in a row.

If you want, rather, to disable the limitation without removing it completely, press the switch next to the App limitations item located at the top.

How do you say? Forgot Screen Time Code but had your Apple ID set as a method of retrieving it?

So do this: Open System Settings as I indicated above and go to Screen Time> Change Screen Time Code> Change Screen Time Code> Forgot Your Code? . At this point, type in the username of your Apple ID, its password and press the OK button .

From here on you have to follow the instructions on the screen to set a new unlock code. For more information on this procedure, read what I explained in my tutorial on how to remove the block from apps .

How to unlock TikTok account

Do you no longer remember the password of your TikTok account and, therefore, are no longer able to access it? Do not despair: you can set a different (as long as you have access to ‘ address the email or number of the phone set during registration) following the signs that are just below.

From smartphones and tablets

To reset the password of your TikTok account from the social network app , start the latter and, on the login page, press on the item Use phone / email / username (or, if you do not initially view this screen, press on the item Login at the bottom, on the account registration page).

Once this is done, click on the Email / Username item located at the top right and then tap on the word Forgot password? At this point, choose the most appropriate password recovery method in your case ( phone number or E-mail ), then type in the field provided your number of phone or your email address and press the button Reset .

At this point, check the SMS on your device or, if you have chosen to reset the access key via email, the mailbox associated with the address specified above (also have a look in the Spam and Mail folders unwanted if you do not find the message from TikTok) and, finally, type in the app the 6-digit code you have just been provided.

To conclude the procedure, type a secure password of at least 8 characters consisting of letters, numbers and special characters in the appropriate field and, finally, press the Login button . It wasn’t that complicated, was it?

From computer

Want to know how to recover the password of your profile TikTok from the social networking site or its application for Windows for Windows to TikTok? If you want to proceed from the site, connect to the login page (in the case of the application, however, you just need to start the same; from here on, the steps to follow are the same in both cases).

In the screen in front of you, select the item Use phone / email / username and then click on the option Log in with email or username at the top. Then proceed by clicking on the Forgot password? and enter the e – mail address associated with your account in the appropriate field; otherwise, if you do not remember which is the latter or you no longer have access to it, click on the word Reset by phone number you see above and type your number in the appropriate field on the screen that is shown to you.

Then press the Send code button and then proceed to type in the field Enter the 6-digit code the access key that you should have just received via SMS or email, depending on the selected recovery method (in the case of e-mail, check also Spam and Junk folders if you can’t find the message from TikTok.

Finally, enter a new password of your choice in the lower field and press the Login button . If you need further help with what I have just explained to you, read the tips on how to recover TikTok accounts that I have given you in a dedicated tutorial.

How to unlock locked TikTok account

Has your TikTok profile been blocked by the platform due to an alleged violation of the terms of use of the service (e.g. account belonging to a child under 13 or publication of prohibited content)?

You must know that the account blocking, in this case, can be temporary (generally from 24 to 48 hours but in some cases even up to a week) or permanent (both countermeasures can be applied to those who repeatedly violate the rules of the platform community).

If that’s the case, when you try to log in to the TikTok app, site or computer application, you’ll see a message notifying you that your account is blocked. If you believe that there has been an error that has caused this situation (in the end it will still be the assistance of the platform to determine if this is actually the case or not), after opening the message, click on the Appeal button and follow the instructions that are given to you provided on screen.

If you encounter further problems with this procedure, you can also try contacting the social network support . In the message, try to explain what happened in detail, providing, if possible, demonstration screenshots .

How to unblock people on TikTok

Did you accidentally block one of the users you regularly follow on TikTok ? Calm! You can really fix it in an instant; However, I inform you that it is only possible via app for mobile devices (if, then, do you want to go from the computer you might consider using an Android emulator ).

First, after starting the ‘ app of TikTok on your smartphone or tablet, icon awards Profile located at the bottom right and then you tap on ☰ button at the top right. On the next screen, select the word Privacy . At this point, scroll down the page that is shown to you and press on the item Blocked accounts .

Then tap on the Unblock button located next to the name of the user you want to unblock and that’s it. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? You can repeat the same procedure for all users you want to remove from the blocked list.

How to unblock live on TikTok

After hearing about it for a long time you are interested to live in TikTok and would like to try yourself to make these broadcasts? I must inform you that this is only feasible if you have reached the quota of at least 1,000 followers on your account. How do you say? Do you have many more? Great! So, if you want to start a live, open the TikTok app, press the (+) button at the bottom and then select the LIVE item .

Now give a title to the broadcast by typing it in the appropriate field and, as soon as you are ready to start, press on the Go Live item . That’s all! To learn more about this procedure, I recommend reading my dedicated in- depth study .


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