How to unlock the T-Rex from Chrome on my cell phone?

The Google Chrome browser has increased its popularity through a game that we can commonly access when we do not have internet on the computer, it is the well-known T-Rex of Google Chrome. This game with poor graphics and a very simple interface has caught the attention of many users due to its easy way of playing with it.

However, you should not trust yourself, because the game, despite being easy to play, little by little becomes more and more difficult. But regardless of what, the game is very fun and is available to anyone who has a computer and mobile with the Google Chrome browser, here we will show you how to access and play it.

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  1. How to access the T-Rex game on my device even with internet?
    1. In a computer
    2. From the cellphone
  2. How to play T-Rex in Google Chrome?
  3. What is the highest score of the Google Chrome T-Rex game?

How to access the T-Rex game on my device even with internet?

If you don’t know how to access the T-Rex game, you can simply access it by disconnecting the internet, this way the game will be appearing. Since this is the traditional way the game comes out, but there are other ways to make this little jumping dinosaur appear, such as speeding up browser navigation .

In a computer

If we are in front of a computer and we want to see and play the Dinosaur game, you can do it in the simplest way, disconnecting the internet from the computer, in this way the game appears by itself when we open a tab or the default browser. But this is not the only way, Google Chrome offers you another way to do it but with the internet.

In case you did not know, Google Chrome offers you multiple options, such as the one to restore closed tabs and the option to play T-Rex with the internet . To do so, you must test in the browser search engine “chrome://dino/” and press enter, in this way the dinosaur will appear, you will only have to give space to start playing

From the cellphone

In case you didn’t know, you also have the possibility to do it on your mobile device, be it Android or iPhone, you can access Google Chrome and it will play the T-Rex game. You can access this game using the URL that we gave you and explained earlier, with which you can enter and play the game, since it is the same browser and you can do practically the same thing.

How to play T-Rex in Google Chrome?

The T-Rex game is a totally free game that you can play whenever you want, of course, it’s not the same as downloading and installing Super Mario Run Free on Android , one has better graphics than the other, but something similar is like is played, since both are played by jumping targets.

In the case of the dinosaur, its controls are the Up and Down arrows, and you can also play with the space bar since with this you can only jump and you cannot crouch. It is more recommended that the arrow controllers be used , since sometimes the game brings flying animals as targets and to dodge them you will have to crouch.


What is the highest score of the Google Chrome T-Rex game?

If you can tell , the T-Rex game comes with two counters . The first counter is the one that calculates the distance you are traveling while you are playing, the other counter is a kind of marker that will be keeping the longest amount you have traveled.

This would be like the record they aim to reach and it appears for the first time when you die, and it will be updated every time you die and exceed the amount that appears

But if we talk about scoring, the game brings a maximum score to which many aspire to reach, but not everyone can do it. This score is known as the highest score and it has been 99,999, at the moment of reaching this figure, the game ends and the markers are redone, the game will be congratulating you once you finish it

This game despite being very simple, can become very difficult. It has an appearance when   you download and install Geometry Dash , since the two games have the similarity of being games in which you must dodge objects to avoid dying. If at any time you finish the T-Rex game you will see its end and you can boast that you are one of the few people who have achieved it.


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