How to unlock a Huawei cell phone

If your mobile has been blocked and you want to know, how to unlock Huawei mobile or phone? In this article we will help you to unlock your mobile whether it has a password or with the Google account.

We know that there may be cases in which our mobile can be blocked . Either because we do not remember the password or because we have made a mistake. Whatever your case, we will help you solve your problem in the easiest and fastest way possible.

This is how you should unlock a Huawei phone

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  1. What can I do to unlock a Huawei mobile with a password or PIN?
    1. Using Gmail account
  2. How to remove Google account from my Huawei phone?
    1. Doing a Hard Reset
    2. Via safe mode
    3. Use the PhoneRescue program
  3. How to unlock a Huawei cell phone?
  4. How do I unlock my Huawei without Google account?

What can I do to unlock a Huawei mobile with a password or PIN?

On many occasions, we can forget the pattern or password of the cell phone or with a pin . Or trying repeatedly this crashes. Well, if what you want is to enter your mobile without knowing the password, here we show you. This one is more for those who have Huawei Android phones and want to unlock mobile with Google account.

Using Gmail account

This is one of the most efficient ways to do it, with a Google account it is very easy. The hardware of said cell phone is very curious. However, but it is easy to crack without knowing the password and unlock mobile with pin.

  • With this, unlocking mobile without knowing the password is easy. It will be sending you a code to verify that it is really you.
  • Then after placing this, you will be able to enter and change the password of your Huawei.

How to remove Google account from my Huawei phone?

Many of the Android or iPhone users are looking for how to change their email account. More in Huawei than always looking for a way to remove the Google account. This in the case of unlocking Huawei mobile. Here we show you how to do this.

Doing a Hard Reset

If you want to remove the Google account from your Android, or another email from your iPhone, the solution is a factory format to the cell phone . With this function, you will be able to return to the options at the beginning before placing the mail. It is a way to return the mobile hardware to the beginning.

Via safe mode

From this section that Huawei and other Android and iPhone devices have as hardware, you can perform various functions. With this option, you can remove the Google account from your cell phone very easily . After logging in, go to settings and go to mail. Here it will give you the option to remove this.

Use the PhoneRescue program

With this program, you can recover lost information and remove the Google account if you want from your cell phone. Here it will give you the option to delete and place another email if this is what you want to do.

How to unlock a Huawei cell phone?

The password or the pattern , any security method that you have chosen to keep third parties away from your Mobile Telephony is important and safe. But it happens many times that we end up forgetting what was that pattern that we had set or the password in question.

And this is when the problems start and if you don’t know how to unlock the smartphone then you find yourself with a device that you can’t use at all. Often thanks to these situations we tend to get stressed and do not know what to do, and unless you can buy another mobile we recommend the following methods.

The best method is to use the Gmail account with which we configured the smartphone in the beginning, for which we only have to follow these steps

  • Entering the wrong password or pattern as many times as allowed by the device.
  • Then, the question ” Forgot your password?” will appear. Once it appears we touch it.
  • Then you only enter the Google account that you have registered on your device to unlock your mobile device through an alternative method.

The problem comes when we do not remember that account, which usually happens more often than we would like, in this way we end up in the same place where we started and here there is only one option left.

How do I unlock my Huawei without Google account?

The way to remove the pattern or password is by performing a Hard Reset or a factory reset. In this way, we must bear in mind that we leave the smartphone as if we had just acquired it . Which means that we are left without the photos, videos, files, contacts, etc. Without anything that we would have kept during all the time we had the mobile.

That is why it is important to make a data backup from time to time of our files. In addition to, for example: save the contacts in the Google account. So that we can in this way not lose them. And every time we do a Hard Reset or change our mobile, we don’t have any kind of problem with the contacts in question.

But if you do not want to delete all your precious data, we leave you this article. The first method of the Google account is the most recommended. Since you would not lose any data or anything you have in the mobile phone. But when you don’t remember it, the only option is to resort to a factory reset.

Of course, the Hard Reset is not the only method that exists to solve this type of case. If you want to unlock a Huawei phone, this method will require a computer and you will need to install a program so that you can carry out this process, but you can always format your mobile if you find it very complicated.

In this case, if you want to do this process, the first thing you should do is download the program called PhoneRescue . Once you have downloaded this program , all you have to do is do the following steps that we will give you below, so that you can unlock your Huawei mobile or phone.

  • Once you have downloaded the program on your computer and installed it, you must follow these steps.
  • The first thing you should do is start the program on your computer.
  • After you have done this, connect your Huawei mobile phone through a USB cableto proceed to unlock it.
  • You need to click on a button in the top corner on the left hand side.
  • Once the analysis process is complete, just press start to unlock mobile.
  • And all set.

Of course, just as you can do this with your mobile, it is possible that others can also try to do it, for this reason it is important to know who is trying to spy on you


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