How to unlink WhatsApp from another phone

Since April 2023, WhatsApp has officially implemented the multi-device function which allows users of the famous messaging service to use it on devices other than the main smartphone.

Thanks to this feature you have configured WhatsApp on a secondary phone. Now, however, you have decided to disconnect it, perhaps for privacy reasons or because you found it unsuitable for your habits; therefore, you would like to know how to disconnect WhatsApp from another phone , even without having the second device at hand.

Well, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. In today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to manage your connected devices and disconnect them according to your needs. Take a few minutes to read the next paragraphs in peace, carefully follow the instructions I am about to provide you and you will discover that it is nothing too complicated. I wish you a good read.


  • How to unlink WhatsApp from another phone: Android and iOS
  • How to unlink WhatsApp from another phone: PC
  • How to unlink WhatsApp from a broken phone

How to unlink WhatsApp from another phone: Android and iOS

As I already told you, WhatsApp’s multi-device function allows you to connect and disconnect secondary devices, including other smartphones, very easily: all you need is the main smartphone on which you have installed the app, which It’s an Android or iOS device .

Launch the app on your primary smartphone and, if you are using an Android device , press the icon ⁝ located at the top right to open the contextual menu; on iPhone , the same menu is accessible by pressing on the Settings item in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Then select the Connected devices item and you will see the list of all the devices on which you have logged in to your WhatsApp account: for each of them the type of device and operating system is indicated, as well as the last recorded access.

Once you have identified the phone from which you would like to disconnect WhatsApp, press on the relevant item in the list and then on the Disconnect item twice consecutively.

Wait for a few seconds for the disconnection to take place; if the procedure was successful, the smartphone will be removed from the list, and the logout will be performed. If you want to use it again, you will have to log in again. Easy, right?

How to unlink WhatsApp from another phone: PC

How to unlink WhatsApp from another phone: PC

Not having the main smartphone on which you use WhatsApp at hand, you have wondered if it is possible to carry out this same operation also from your PC , one of the other devices to which you have connected your WhatsApp account.

Unfortunately, this is not possible: the function to disconnect devices connected to the same WhatsApp account is only available on the main smartphone .

This limitation affects both the WhatsApp desktop application for Windows and macOS and WhatsApp Web , the online version of the application, accessible from a browser .

Depending on the severity of the situation, however, you may consider a secondary solution. If the smartphone you want to unlink from WhatsApp has been stolen or you have lost it and you no longer have a chance of recovering it, you can protect your privacy and ensure that no one can access your WhatsApp account by using your phone’s anti-theft system .

These are usually integrated into the device’s operating system, such as Google ‘s Find Your Device , third-party systems offered by the different Android smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei ‘s Find Phone , Xiaomi ‘s Find Device and Samsung ‘s Find Personal Device , or Where It’s from Apple .

Each of these completely free services includes a lock feature that allows you to set a code and display a personalized message on the lock screen to protect all the contents of your smartphone, including WhatsApp .

Furthermore, they have a reset function , to be used only in extreme cases, when you are certain that you will no longer be able to recover the device: this, in fact, irreversibly deletes all the contents of the smartphone , restoring the factory settings and making it inaccessible and no longer traceable.

These are more drastic and, in the case of restoration, definitive solutions: therefore, I advise you to use them only in extreme cases.

I told you in detail about all these systems in my guide on how to track your cell phone for free.

How to unlink WhatsApp from a broken phone

How to unlink WhatsApp from a broken phone

What to do, however, if the smartphone from which you would like to disconnect WhatsApp is broken and you can no longer access it, much less use it to start the app and disconnect it?

If it is a secondary device that you have connected using your main smartphone on which you have configured WhatsApp, the procedure for disconnecting it is very simple: it is exactly the same as that I explained to you in the previous chapter .

All you have to do is take your primary smartphone and follow the directions I’ve provided to view Connected Devices and remove the broken phone from the list.

If the broken phone is the main smartphone on which you had configured WhatsApp, however, you have to carry out a very different operation: you have to transfer WhatsApp from the broken smartphone to a working one by removing the SIM with the number associated with your WhatsApp account from the first and inserting it into the second, so that you can configure the application again (provided you also use the same Google or Apple account ).

Remember, however, that to recover your chats you must have previously made a complete backup of WhatsApp .

I explained the entire procedure to you in great detail in my guide on how to transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another , even from a different operating system.

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