How to Uninstall UPnP

Are you looking for a guide that will show you in detail how to uninstall UPnP ? Very well, you have found the article that is right for you! In this in-depth analysis we will give you all the necessary instructions to uninstall this function. This is not a particularly long or complex procedure, but you will have to carefully follow the instructions in the next lines.

So take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that, once you have finished reading the article, you will have a clearer picture of everything. But no more delay, let’s go!

How to uninstall UPnP

Before going into the details of the procedure to follow, let’s see what UPnP is . To understand this it is first necessary to understand what is meant by port forwarding . This is the transfer of data over a network using a specific communication port. In practice, with port forwarding you can create a direct connection between two devices connected via a network.

UPnP ( Universal Plug and Play ) is a protocol that allows a device or app to automatically open a communication port in order to establish a direct connection. For example, you can use UPnP to make sure that all devices connected to your home network have access to your home printer. Without this protocol, the only way to get this access would be to manually configure each device you want to connect (see also How to use Internet Explorer Windows 11 ).

The UPnP protocol is particularly useful for those devices that are difficult to configure, because they do not have a graphical interface or with an interface that is difficult to manage. Devices such as security cameras or robot vacuum cleaners, for example, are completely without an interface, yet they must be connected to the home router: thanks to UPnP it is possible to automate this process.

That said, now we can go and find out how to uninstall UPnP . We mentioned it in the previous lines: it is not a difficult operation to carry out. Here is step by step what you need to do:

  • go to the configuration panel of the router
  • access the UPnP section
  • disable the ” Enable UPnP” box
  • also check the open and forwarded ports in the appropriate section, such as “In addition to ports”, “Port forwarding” or “Port forwarding / activation”

Perfect, you’ve finished the UPnP uninstall procedure.

UPnP uninstall from the router. Here’s how to do it

A question you might ask yourself before uninstalling is this: is UPnP safe ? The UPnP protocol itself can be very secure: what makes it unsafe is its use not only locally, but also in connections outside the home network.

If you only use UPnP on your home network, UPnP is an extremely useful tool and as secure as your network is. However, many routers use outward UPnP as the default, and this is what can cause problems.

Since UPnP allows you to connect directly to a device without the need for authentication, a hacker may be able to exploit this vulnerability to break into your home network and thus have access to all devices connected to it. At this point the hacker would be able to carry out various types of cyber attacks and steal personal data.

Great, you should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to uninstall UPnP . The only way to truly eliminate the problem is to completely disable UPnP. This obviously can cause some minor annoyances and make some operations a little more complicated. Disabling UPnP, in fact, the router will not allow any device to connect to it, unless this is specifically configured.

However, deactivating UPnP is not enough to have a secure network: it is also essential to implement other security solutions, such as an online VPN to minimize the risks of cyber attacks and data theft. So we just have to make an appointment for the next one, in the hope that our guide has been useful to you in practice. Soon!


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