How to uninstall applications from your Android TV

If we want to spend some time entertaining, Android TVs are undoubtedly the best option , a smarter and more creative way to watch movies, enjoy applications, games and much more.

Therefore it is one of the highest quality operating systems in the Android TV market , compared to others that do not have the same functions, this is one of the favorites in the world.

When obtaining a smart TV there are plenty of reasons not to watch the usual television channels, so that is where we can enjoy streaming platforms, such as creating an account on Netflix , Disney +, or using Spotify , or Twich, where we can enjoy multiple content on video games, of course we must have a subscription in advance on these platforms to enjoy the content.

It should be noted that these Android Tv come from the factory with their controls, but nevertheless we can make the mobile a remote control , for greater comfort when using it.

For all these comforts, it is necessary to know how to uninstall or delete the games and applications on my Android TV step by step. And we are going to tell you about that in this article. Keep reading and know all the details.

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  1. Best apps for Android TV
  2. How to delete Apps on my Smart TV or Android TV
    1. From settings
    2. In the Google Play Store
  3. How to uninstall apps with USB debugging
  4. How to remove apps pre-installed with ADB
  5. Some functions that I can do with my Android TV

Best apps for Android TV

If we are going to buy an Android TV we must know which applications we cannot miss when having it, in order to have better fun and spend pleasant time, within them we have VLC in its latest version , if we want to have a video player quality, this is the best option, being easy to use, and powerful in your work, allowing us to reproduce content of any kind.

Secondly, we must install Puffin TV Browser , which is basically a special browser for TV, since browsers such as Google Chrome, Explorer or Firefox are, as we know, the ones used on mobiles.

As if that were not enough, Android TVs come with their controls, but Cetus Play gives us the facility to connect our mobiles to fulfill this function, we can use as the main game controller, or mouse when selecting a function within the TV.

To get a better journey into the world of Android TV, we cannot leave Stadia aside, being one of the best applications for video games, providing us with infinite options when playing.

How to delete Apps on my Smart TV or Android TV

This question is very frequent in Android TV users, since sometimes we want to delete applications or games that we have installed because we no longer use them, or they are simply not to our liking, but doing this is simple, since we can do two ways the first is from the configuration, and the second is from the Play Store, in the first option these are the steps to follow:

Locate ourselves on the screen or main menu of our Android TV , we will see the option of ” settings ”, we click there, then the option of ” device ” will be moved, which is the one we must select, and then ” applications ”

Once this is done, we press where it indicates ” downloaded applications ”, and we must choose the application or the games that we want to uninstall or delete, after choosing it, we select on ” uninstall ” and finally ” accept ”, and done is done.

And to do the same from the Play Store we must, of course, open the Play Store app on our Android TV, after that, we go to the ” list of installed applications ” and select the one we want to delete or the game, and click on ” uninstall ”.

In conclusion, we well know that Smart TV or Android TV devices allow you to download or install the Apps of your choice, as well as uninstall them. Uninstalling an application is a very simple process as it is an easy task to access the menu to remove it. To do this, you only have to access the settings of your Smart TV or Android TV, therefore you must select the option from the settings menu ” Applications “, select the App you want to delete; finally you will have to verify if you want to eliminate it.

From settings

To uninstall or delete Apps from your Smart Tv or Android TV devices from the configuration of your Tv you must do or follow the following steps: Scroll to the configuration from the main screen of your Smart Tv or Android TV, then you must select the Apps option from the device, then choose the ‘Downloaded applications’ alternative, select the app you want to remove, press the uninstall option to confirm and that’s it.

In the Google Play Store 

One of the ways that exist to delete or uninstall Apps from your devices is through the Google Play Store, this is a very simple procedure, you just have to access the application menu of your device and select the Play Store App, you must log in in your Google account; Therefore select the alternative ‘My applications’ in the left panel, press the option in This device , find and select the App you wish to remove, press uninstall and click Ok to confirm. 

How to uninstall apps with USB debugging              

To uninstall applications with USB debugging you must go to the list of applications on the device, and click on the button “Show system applications”, followed by this you must search for the applications you want to remove or uninstall.

When you select it, you will see that the information in the App does not include uninstall or Disable, you may only see Uninstall updates; In that window you must copy the name of the App package, which appears below the version.

After you have done this you must activate the alternatives for the development of your Smart Tv or Android TV, for this you must go to the information section and scroll to ‘Compilation’, once this is done, press this alternative several times until it indicates that the options development have been activated.

You have to go back to the device settings menu and you will see that there is a new menu in Device Preferences. In this you will find the alternative ” Options for developers “; select this option and scroll down the list until you find the option USB debugging, within this a confirmation window will appear.

Return to the settings menu and enter Information again, access the “Status” menu and copy the local IP address to which your device is connected. Next you must connect your Smart Tv or Android TV through ADB in this enter the IP address of your TV and the port in the corresponding box and click Connect , you have to grant access to the device to connect to the ADB.

As the next step you must write the command to uninstall or disable the application, for this you just have to write: pm uninstall -k – user 0 com.tcl.waterfall.overseas and voila, the application is completely uninstalled.

How to remove apps pre-installed with ADB

First of all, we must bear in mind that the ADB must be installed or downloaded to be able to remove pre-installed Apps, just as you must activate the developer options. By doing this, USB debugging is enabled, which allows our ADB to communicate with our device through a USB cable, after that we open CMD or command line. The IP identifies the application, we can see it in settings.

Some functions that I can do with my Android TV

There are multiple functions that we can perform with these devices , one of them is that we can install bluetooth keyboards , just by going to ” settings ” and pressing ” synchronize devices ”, we will have a more manageable way when using it with greater comfort.

The best function and the most acclaimed in a positive way is voice control, since Android TVs have a specific button that basically provides the option of “ remote control ” where we can search for content, such as applications or games, with simply talk, getting better use.

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