How to test my internet speed

Today we are going to see how I can measure the speed of my internet connection . It is not complicated at all to do a Wi-Fi speed test with the websites that we are going to recommend in this article.

The Internet is extremely important today and millions of people make use of this very useful tool that allows us to access all kinds of content.

But also many people do not know what is the internet upload and download speed . Much less know how to measure these speeds to corroborate that their provider is complying with the contracted plan.

Download speed is what we use to navigate the web. Whether you want to watch online videos, upload a website or download files. While the upload speed is to upload anything to a server.

Generally, most of us use the download speed more than the upload speed. However, it is really very important that you know how to measure both speeds so that, if you do not have the contract, you can make a claim to the company. Nobody wants to pay for a plan that they are not enjoying, right?

So we are going to see two reliable sites so that you can perform an internet speed test , after performing these tests you will be able to draw your own conclusions.

How to test my internet speed

There are many websites to do a speed test. You can type ” Speed ​​test ” in any search engine and you will find countless websites. The ones I recommend are SpeedTest and TestMy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, depending on where the test is done, the speed you have may vary and it does not mean that your internet provider is scamming you or anything similar.

We are going to use SpeedTest for this tutorial which is quite simple to use actually. As soon as we enter the website we will be able to see which operator we have contracted and also our own IP address . By clicking on the ” Start ” button we start the internet speed test.

The first thing that will be measured will be the PING, which would be the response time of your connection. After this it will begin to measure the download speed and then the upload speed . When the process is finished you will see a small graph with all the data.

How to measure my internet connection

In case you want to try TestMy, it is more than anything useful to know the connection we have with servers in the United States. What can it be useful for? For those people who do direct or streaming it can be quite useful.

As soon as we enter the website we will see a dark button that says ” Test My Internet ” when pressing on it, it will begin to perform the speed test.

Once you finish, we can see all the data related to it . However, in case you want to do a download or upload test only, all separately, you can also do it.

For this you must click on the ” Download ” or ” Upload ” button at the top of the page. In this way you will be able to separately measure the download and upload speed respectively.

In the case of latency or ping, it is not something that bothers too much when we surf the internet. However, for those who play online games and need to connect to servers that are not near their location, high latency can mean delayed response. What makes playing, something complicated.


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