How to take a screenshot on iPhone 12

There are many reasons that may lead us to need to take a screenshot on our mobile phone. Precisely, if you have the new iPhone 12, we explain how you can take a screenshot of what you are seeing on the screen.

If you’ve just bought an iPhone 12  (remember that there are a total of four different versions to choose from, not counting colors, shades, and storage space), one of the first things you want to find out is how to take a snapshot. screen .

And is that the reasons that may lead us to need to take a screenshot of the device screen can actually be very varied.

For example, we are facing an important conversation on WhatsApp or Facebook , and the only way we have to capture a certain moment is by taking a capture. Or, simply, we want to keep a story forever in the form of an image.

Regardless of the reasons, taking a screenshot on the iPhone 12 is a process just as simple as the steps we followed, for example, with our iPhone 11.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 12 (valid for any version)

As with all other versions of the operating system, the ability to take a screenshot on the iPhone 12 is actually built into iOS . So we only have to press a few buttons for the system to carry out the capture in a matter of seconds .

To do it, we must press the side button on the right and the button to increase the volume . Also, we have to do it at the same time, pressing both buttons at the same time.

If we have done it correctly, just at that moment the screen will flicker and we will hear a noise similar to the sound that the camera makes when taking a picture .

Once this is done, a thumbnail of the screenshot that we have made will appear, and it will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen of our iPhone 12.

If everything is correct and you do not want to do anything else with it, except store it in the internal memory of your device, you can simply wait until the pop-up thumbnail disappears, or slide it with your finger directly outside the left edge of the screen.

Of course, in case we want to edit or share the screenshot, we just have to click on the thumbnail , which will open the editing function, where we can view and edit the captured image .

Where do we find the screenshot?

Every time we take a screenshot with our iPhone 12, the image is saved in a special folder within the Photos app , called Captures . All the screenshots that we have taken will be displayed there.


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