How to switch to the third weapon in Outriders (pistol)

Outriders, although it also has a lot of focus on its story, is a shooter from start to finish. Combine elements of Destiny, Borderlands, Mass Effect and The Division to create a game that still has its own style. If you are here you are probably wondering how to switch to your 3rd weapon AKA your pistol in Outriders . It is not explicitly explained and you have not figured out how to do it yourself. Don’t worry, let us explain.

How to switch to the third weapon in Outriders (pistol)

Fortunately, it is very easy to do.

Normally, to switch between your primary and secondary weapons, all you need to do is press Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox. To switch to your third weapon, also known as your pistol, you’ll actually just want to hold down the same button.
Whether you are using your primary or secondary weapon, holding down that button will switch to your pistol and you can start shooting like any other weapon.

There are times when you will want to draw the gun. First, and most importantly, the pistol has no ammo retainers. While you will need to recharge when the magazine is empty, you have unlimited supplies. This means that if you are using your other two weapons or want to conserve their ammo, you can always count on that third weapon being there for you.

Second, it can be used to complement the other two weapons you use. For example, if you are using weapons at very close range, your third weapon could be something with a bit more range so that you don’t have to fight completely at close range.

Finally, it is a good weapon to use if you want to avoid reloading. If you just need to finish something quickly (maybe before you get killed), hold down that button and shoot for the final shots.

This is everything you need to know about how to equip your third weapon, also known as your pistol, in Outriders . For more tips, tricks, and FAQs, be sure to check out our Outriders wiki guide or some of our other guides below.


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