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An overview of all the short-barrels present at the moment in the game


Pistols in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are mostly auxiliary weapons. They are relevant only when landing, when there are no other trunks nearby. As the character is equipped with loot, the pistol moves into its slot and practically does not move, and most players even throw it away. Note – not from a big mind, since it takes up little space. And yet, professionals use the short barrel very rarely, due to low damage and short range, even despite the low recoil and high accuracy. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to touch upon this topic at all.

Types of pistols

Unlike assault rifles or submachine guns, short barrels differ from each other much more, which means that the number of tactical techniques when used multiply increases. But first, let’s highlight the tactical and technical characteristics:


  • Caliber: 7.62 mm
  • Damage: 46
  • Shooting mode: single
  • Magazine volume: seven rounds
  • Range: 25 meters
  • Base spread: 2.70
  • Body kits: muffler

The famous “Nagant” sample of 1895 is rarely used in the game. For a start – it comes across only on the Erangel map, not in all places, plus it is loaded with 7.62 mm cartridges, which are also not found everywhere. The pluses include high one-time damage – it kills in an open head right away. There are much more disadvantages: the absence of body kits and sights, the small size of the clip, and the low reload speed. It can be used effectively only at a very close distance, preferably from an ambush.


  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Damage: 29
  • Shooting mode: single
  • Magazine capacity: 15 (20) rounds
  • Range: 25 meters
  • Base spread: 2.5
  • Body kits: muffler; collimator sight; enlarged, fast and combined clip

The Italian Beretta is the most common and favorite barrel in the game. Very flexible and versatile, in fact – the golden mean. The high speed of the bullet allows for effective shooting at moving targets. The extended magazine volume comes in very handy in long firefights and creating dense fire. All possible body kits are available. The disadvantages include small damage to the 9 mm bullet, which also flattens well against the armor.


  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Damage: 35
  • Shooting mode: single
  • Magazine capacity: 7 (12) rounds
  • Range: 25 meters
  • Base spread: 2.5
  • Body kits: muffler; collimator sight; enlarged, fast and combined clip

The American “Colt” is an unambiguous choice of professionals. Has a good rate of fire. Harsh ammunition can calm an unprotected body with a few shots. But for this you need to shoot accurately – after all, there are few bullets in the clip (the increased clip saves the day). In addition, the low speed of the bullet (only 250 m / s) forces firefights to be almost point-blank. Nevertheless, many take this particular pistol, throwing out all the others.


  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Damage: 19
  • Shooting mode: single, automatic
  • Magazine capacity: 17 (25) rounds
  • Range: 25 meters
  • Base spread: 2.5
  • Body kits: muffler; collimator sight; enlarged, fast and combined clip

The Austrian Glock is a dream weapon for clampers. In fact, it is a miniature submachine gun, especially with an enlarged magazine. Even with very modest damage, the automatic mode gives out completely wild DPS (damage per second) for short-barrels, which makes it a welcome guest in the slot for both beginners and seasoned players. The only negative is that it is extremely difficult to find it.


  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Damage: 49.8
  • Shooting mode: single
  • Magazine capacity: 6 rounds
  • Range: 25 meters
  • Base spread: 2.4
  • Attachments: collimator sight

The new revolver, found only on Miramar, is still a dark horse in the game, but already respected by the pros. All because of the good one-time damage, even superior to that of the “Nagant”. Unlike the latter, the ability to screw on the muffler has disappeared, but a Picatinny rail has appeared, on which a simple sight can be hung. However, you will not particularly shoot yourself: short effective firing range, low rate of fire, only six rounds. Therefore, you need to aim very carefully and hit for sure. The developers followed the lead of the players and removed the piece loading from this revolver – all six cartridges at once enter the drum, thanks to the holder. Slower than automatic pistols, but faster than the same R1895 . In general, it is a worthy replacement for Nagant on the Mexican map.

PS : there is still a sawed-off shotgun , which is also placed in the pistol slot, but it has nothing to do with short-barrels – you can find out everything about it in the shotgun guide .

What to choose

It should be based on your skills and tactical preferences. Do you want accurate and efficient shooting? Choose Colt or Beretta. Do you respect one-time maximum damage? Revolvers are your choice. If you want to unleash a flurry of bullets on your enemy, there is nothing better than a Glock. It is clear that if you find an “Austrian”, then take it in any case, because of the flexible shooting modes at different distances. But still try to find it.

Therefore, my choice has always settled on the P1911 . 7-12 rounds is quite enough for a single duel both at the very start of the game and at the end, when everyone is covered with armor to the very nostrils. You will either hit or die. A powerful cartridge and good rate of fire guarantee that in close combat, face to face with the enemy, you will emerge victorious.

It’s better to move with a pistol – you seem to run fast, you seem to be armed

General Tips

First you need to decide why you need pistols at all. For many, they are a starting weapon, which is then simply too lazy to throw away. But their functionality is clearly more than hanging decoration in the appropriate slot.

Not everyone knows that for many types of weapons, instead of starting reloading, it is easier to take out the pistol. This will give you the necessary and critical seconds to finish off the wounded animal. It is especially good at changing weapons with a vertical forend, the opponent will not even understand how the short-barrel ended up in your hands. You can even breed players with this feature. For example, they fired off the clip, went around the corner and started reloading so that it could be heard. The enemy will either start reloading itself, or rush into the attack. And here you will meet him, with a bullet in the forehead.

Many people wonder whether to put a silencer on pistols? After all, it gives minus five percent to accuracy. Immediately and categorically I can say – take! The indicated deviation is fraught only with sniper rifles, which are beaten for a kilometer. For short-barrels, whose real range does not exceed 50 meters, this is all within the statistical error. The muffler can become very necessary when you are lying in the grass, in a narrowing circle, and you see an enemy nearby. A line from a loud “Kalash” and you are next to take off. And then they quietly spat and no one even understands why he died. In addition, try to find “sausage” for an assault rifle or PP, but it is lying on pistols almost everywhere.

Although many guides and reviews put the effective range for pistols at 25 meters, in reality, some of them can even reach 75 meters. This is especially true for 9-mm variants with a high initial bullet velocity. Yes, shooting from a distance is a rather stupid activity, fraught with wasted ammunition. However, sometimes the task is not so much to get in as to scare away, force to change the route or lie down. And here the “Beretta” with a glushak and a collimator may well become functional.

Pistols are very well suited for beginners, as they have practically no recoil and are easy to control in space (aim, track a target, etc.). It is best to start with them to practice marksmanship. Moreover, it is not always even necessary to call the sector sight, the clamp from the shoulder will do. Learn to hit the head right off the bat – this will solve many problems. Yes, the target moves, FPS slows down, lags, etc. But no one bothers you, too, to move and shoot on the go. It is even advisable to enter into a clinch with the owners of the machines. Oddly enough, short-barrels have an advantage in this position than to fire at medium distances (see video).

Study your opponent’s outfit carefully. If you notice a second or third body armor on your body, then aim at the head, which is wearing only a motorcycle helmet. And vice versa, if the carcass is covered by a first-level police vest, and on the head there is an “astronaut’s” helmet, it is better to put a couple of bullets in the liver or limbs. Some well-groomed players do wear fur coats, jackets and coats to make identification difficult. Did you think they only do it for visualization?

The short barrels take up very little inventory space in terms of logistics. Hangs in the slot, does not bother anyone. Therefore, you should not collect a bunch of cartridges for him, because you still do not shoot them during the match. It is enough to have one or two clips just in case. And it is best to look for a weapon compatible in caliber on the first or second slot, then both of them will be powered from a common boiler. The pistol should also be used to carry additional collimators, which can be removed at any time and used on more advanced weapons. Otherwise, this scope would gobble up useful space in your backpack.

A small life hack : if you are in a hurry somewhere, then change your weapon to a pistol – the character will significantly accelerate in running. In an open field, of course, it will not protect, but in a forest or city, the feeling of confidence will clearly increase.


Pistols are the most underrated weapon class in the game. On the professional stage, they are used by either posers or freaks. Well, streamers are also given all sorts of ridiculous challenges, like taking the top 1 with Nagant. It must be understood that each type of weapon has its own characteristics and tactical windows for use. Short-barrels are fired very rarely, but aptly. They help us to survive at the initial stage of the game, save us in “dog dumps”, and simply warm the soul, pleasantly pulling the belt. Therefore, if you notice the lonely lying “Colt”, then register it in your slot until your death. In addition, no one will even take it off your corpse – it’s checked.


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