How to switch from survival to creative mode in Minecraft? – Put creative mode

Knowing how to change the mode from survival to creative in Minecraft guarantees you can fully enjoy this popular video game. There are scenarios in which it is better to use one game mode than another, and there is nothing better than being able to make the change quickly and easily.

How To Change From Survival To Creative Mode In Minecraft – Set Creative Mode

What is the difference between survival and creative mode in Minecraft?

This game has several game modes, survival or survival being the normal way to play, as you will have a life bar in the shape of hearts and you will have to make your way through the world, as well as face the monsters.

Parallel to this first mode, there is also the peaceful game that, unlike survival, lacks monstrous elements that attack you.

While, the creative, as its name indicates, allows you to make a free creation in the game, in addition, you will have at your disposal the tools and blocks to carry out the process in question and the monsters appear more sporadically, although they can still hurt you. For this modality, it is very useful to install the X-ray mode to obtain mineral resources.

Finally, there is the hardcore mode , which is similar to survival, but, with the difference that, if you die in this mode, the world you are in, as well as what you have done, disappears.

How to go from survival to creative in Minecraft?

If you’ve started a game in Survival mode, but want to switch to Creative, just follow a few simple steps.

First, being in the world you want to edit, you should go to the “Tricks” section, because that is where you will make the change. In this sense, you have to create said universe and then press the ” T ” key on your keyboard , then you must type exactly the following command: “/ gamemode 1″.

In this way, and that simple, you will be able to go from survival to creative mode in Minecraft, without having to leave the world, or do any extra action.

Whether you play in survival mode or creative mode it will help you to know how to control your avatar’s flight abilities if you have wings.

Can I pass or switch to the other game modes?

Just as you can change from survival to creative mode in Minecraft, you can also make the change in reverse, you only need to know the appropriate command for this occasion.

After you have already started the game in creative mode, or have made the change before, you can also move on to a survival game, for this, you also have to press the “T” key.

Next, you will have to enter the command that, similar to the previous procedure, consists of the word “/ gamemode 0 ”, so you have to pay attention to the number indicated for survival mode.

Is it possible to make changes while being in hardcore?

No, unlike the procedure to go from survival to creative mode in Minecraft, or vice versa, it is not possible to go from any of the other modes to hardcore.

Just as it is not viable, from the difficult game mode, to go to survival or creative. In case you no longer want to stay in this difficulty, you must start a new game with the new feature you want.

Why do I need to use command to change game mode?

Minecraft is a game that has the particularity that when creating a new game you choose the mode in which you want to start playing. For this reason, and according to what you have chosen, the program will take this development mode as the permanent indicator. In other words, every time you start that game, the game mode that you have established will be maintained.

But, as you have seen, Minecraft is not so linear and therefore allows you to switch between survival and creative modes without any inconvenience , so that you can always get the most out of the game.

To improve your experience in any of the modalities, we recommend that you download Mods packages , this can be done from any device where you play, be it Windows 10, MacOS, Android or iPhone.

One of the fan-favorite Mods is the Pixelmon one, which mixes the best of two worlds.


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