How to Super Swipe someone else’s profile on Bumble?

The Bumble platform (as well as its mobile app) is one of these Tinder, Badoo, Lovoo-style apps made for people who want to find partners and date online . If we talk about popularity, Tinder would be located in the first place, followed by Badoo in second place and finally, Bumble taking the bronze crown.

In this opportunity, we will talk about Bumble and more specifically, its Super Swipe function, beforehand, it is important to remind you that to use the platform and take advantage of its features, log in or create a Bumble account for it.

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  1. What is the difference between matching and fans on Bumble?
  2. What features does Bumble Super Swipe have and how does it help to meet others?
    1. How do you use Super Swipe to alert others that you were robbed?
    2. How can you get more Super Swipe on Bumble?
    3. Is it possible to do something if someone is robbed by mistake?

What is the difference between matching and fans on Bumble?

As a first point, it is relevant to differentiate between a match and a follower (or admirer) in Bumble, since they are functions that we could classify as the backbone of the online dating platform. When you are viewing the profiles that the application throws at you, obviously one will come that will catch your attention and the same as for another person; when you swipe right on the profile, you will automatically become a fan for that person.

If a different person performs the same action with you, he will also become a follower for you; the difference comes here, if you and another person swipe right on each other, both will become a match, since the interest is no longer yours or hers only, but is reciprocal. When this happens and you both start chatting, you will be able to see when a contact on Bumble is active as your match will be saved to your contact list.

What features does Bumble Super Swipe have and how does it help to meet others?

As with most of these kinds of platforms, they have a free version and a premium version , which obviously unlocks many more features to help you get ahead of others when it comes to meeting people. One of these eye-catching features is Super Swipe.

This exclusive property of premium users is basically a “swipe to the right”, but unlike this, it puts you ahead of (non-premium) users, as there is no need to match, because with a Super Swipe , you’ll let the other person know of your interest and make it easier for you to contact them, without the long wait involved in the free version.

It turns out to be one of the best functions implemented because based on your Super Swipe, Bumble will be able to show you more people of this style and also based on the information you provide in your profile; This is how the Bumble algorithm works with profiles , very similar to how they work on Instagram and Facebook, for example.

How do you use Super Swipe to alert others that you were robbed?

It is very easy and simple, the first thing is that it is an exclusive function of Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium , so it is necessary (and as a requirement) that you have canceled a subscription; It is also possible to buy a Spotlight separately, this includes the Super Swipe, the latter in case you do not want to subscribe.

Now, once you have your new function, carry out your normal search within the platform and when you have found someone who has really caught your heart, tap on the star on their profile to mark it and that’s it, you will have done the Super Swipe , so your notification of interest will appear within their inbox.

As a warning, it is important to tell you that you only have a total of 5 Super Swipe , weekly (in case of subscription), so you should use them with caution and moderation, in addition to the fact that they are not cumulative either. It is also possible to search for known people on Bumble , if you suspect that one of your friends has an account, if curiosity kills you, use the platform’s search engine, write their name and search the results.

How can you get more Super Swipe on Bumble?

If you find yourself on the other side, i.e. you are not the one giving the Super Swipe, but you want to increase the chances of it being given to you, there are a couple of tips you can follow to do so. Fill your profile gallery with photos: first of all, a person will be attracted at first by what he sees; In addition, the more photos you have, the more security you will give other people interested in you that you are not a fake profile.

Also make sure that the photos are of good quality and that, although most have to be of your close-up, it is not bad that you have some or others enjoying some activity or in the company of a group.

Provide relevant information about yourself , one of the most common mistakes people make is to leave the “About you” section empty or if they write, what they put is very brief and ambiguous; Of course, you do not have to put your home address, telephone number, credit cards and others. Put what you think can attract attention.

Is it possible to do something if someone is robbed by mistake?

Unfortunately, if you or someone else Super Swipe by mistake , it is not possible to “uncheck” or recover that Super Swipe you made; Likewise, it is not the end of the world either, in case this has happened to you, just do not communicate with that person or you can let them know that you made a mistake.


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