How to Stop Syncing Google Drive

Drive is one of the functions offered by the Google company, this allows you to safeguard your information in the cloud , this so that in case of a problem it is not lost forever. But in case you do not want to store all the information or simply do not want it to continue working on your computer, you are in the right place, because we will tell you everything you need to know for this.

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  1. How to stop syncing individual folders
    1. Click on More
    2. Do not sync
  2. How to disconnect a Google Drive account from PC?
    1. Press ‘backup sync’
    2. Disconnect account
  3. Uninstall backup and sync
    1. For windows
    2. For Mac

How to stop syncing individual folders

Synchronizing is the way to join the content of your PC with the cloud in real time, in which it will be saved in Google Drive , if you do not want to save all these files directly to Google you can try not to synchronize automatically and thus choose which folders you want to save in the cloud, to do so you just have to follow the following instructions:

You must first enter the Google Drive application, to generate this action you only have to go to your PC settings and this option will appear here.

Click on More

Being inside the settings of your PC, to stop synchronizing your individual folders go to the configuration option of this Google function , this can be located in different parts depending on your device, try to search for it by its icon that is in the form of + sign, when you find this symbol you must click on it.

Do not sync

Being within the Google Drive settings, you should look for the option of Do not synchronize , being located in it, click on Deactivate it. If you want to have this configuration again, you only have to activate it again.

How to disconnect a Google Drive account from PC?

If you want to remove the Google Drive function on your PC , the first thing you should do is disconnect the tool, otherwise it may cause problems with your device. Disconnecting your Google Drive can also be used to forget a bit about the function without having to completely get rid of it , to do so you can follow the following steps.

Press ‘backup sync’

This icon looks like a cloud, if your operating system is Windows , you can find it in your toolbar , you can see it on the right at the bottom of your screen, most likely it is not among the first, you can see all by clicking on an arrow that you will see. In case you use a Mac computer, you can find it in the bar above your screen. Once you find it, you must do the following steps:

  1. Go into Preferences.
  2. Within this option, enter the Google drive tab.
  3. Uncheck ‘Synchronize my files on this computer’. You can also press ‘Synchronize only these folders‘, in order to choose what you want to synchronize or not.

Disconnect account

To achieve this you must go to the ‘settings’ tab of the Google drive presences. Now you must click on ‘Disconnect account’, this will make you exit Google drive, disconnecting it.

Once you do this, this application will not work, not until you log in again, this will not prevent you from entering the shortcuts of your drive folders, only that they will no longer be synchronized in the cloud.

Uninstall backup and sync

Uninstalling these kinds of applications from your computer might seem complicated, but the truth is that this is very far from reality, no matter what operating system you use, in general, it is very easy to do this kind of procedure. When uninstalling Google drive from your computer, remember that it will no longer sync to the cloud , so it will not save any more files of any kind. You can also install it again in case you need it.

For windows

  1. Enter the settings, you can easily do it by pressing Start + L.
  2. Enter the ‘Applications’ option. In these you will see ‘applications and features’.
  3. Look for the option ‘Google Backup and Synchronization’.
  4. Click on uninstall and confirm this action.

For Mac

  1. Go to Finder.
  2. Find the applications folder. If you cannot find it in the bar that you will see, you can do it through the ‘Go’ menu, or also with the combination of the keys Shift + Cmd + A that will open it automatically.
  3. Once inside this search for ‘Google Backup and Synchronization’.
  4. When you see the application, drag it to the trash that you will see in the Dock and voila, it will be eliminated.
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