How to speed up your Wear OS watch

As with Android mobiles, smart watches with Wear OS can also speed up the experience by reducing the animations on the interface . It is a very simple trick that speeds up the smartwatch by slightly increasing the battery life.

Operating systems have at their disposal a series of tricks so that the user perceives that their experience is fluid. The power of the components is key, also the optimization of the software . And there is another element that determines the perception of fluidity: the animations of the system . The jump between apps, return to the menu or display the watch settings: Wear OS also makes use of them. Do you want to speed it up? There is a trick that never fails.

Turn off animations to make your watch show faster

The animations of the interface broaden the perception of fluidity, but they have a counterpart: if the smartwatch does not have too much power, use can be weighed down because it is not capable of executing transitions with enough ease . Therefore, disabling them can be a help in case you want to speed up your Wear OS.


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The animations settings are not found in the general settings, but in the developer settings (the same as in Android phones). Before customizing these animations, you must activate the relevant development settings on the watch , the complete process is as follows:

  • Access the settings of your Wear OS smartwatch and scroll down to “System”.
  • Go to “Information”.
  • Find the ” Build Number” and press several times until the developer options are activated.
  • Enter the new development menu (it appears on the main settings screen) and look for the three settings of the scales: adjust “Window animation scale”, “Transition-animation scale” and “Animation duration scale” .
  • Enter the menu of each scale and set it to ” Animation off“.

After deactivating the animations, your Wear OS watch will be perceived faster since the startups and changes between apps will be made without any type of transition . Apart from this greater speed, the smartwatch should consume somewhat less energy; without the savings being huge, yes.

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