How to Shut Down Computer Using Windows Notepad –

Currently there are many options to turn off, restart or even activate the hibernate mode of a computer, this is because it provides a faster shutdown or the computer has applications that cause the computer to freeze. This is possible if shortcuts are created.

The different methods that exist to shut down a computer quickly and automatically make it easy for the user to have full control of their Windows computer .

There are even charms that allow you to start Windows faster . To help you a little to discover these access tricks, we have prepared this article for you, where we will show you the ways to do it. Would you think that you can turn off your computer through the notepad? Well, if possible and here we will teach you how to do it.

Forcibly shut down your computer by creating shortcuts

The shortcuts function is an alternative that is not related to the shutdown button on your computer. The purpose of shutdown access is to force Windows to close all open tabs and services and proceed to shut down immediately.

Remember that if your Windows system has been installed for a short time, this process will not be necessary since it will turn off easily, but if you already have several months using the system these accesses will be a relief and you will not have to wait so long.

Best of all, the option of the shortcuts to shut down your computer does not affect the computer or the performance of the Windows system .

How to do it?

To create shortcuts to turn off your computer you just have to follow simple steps and then we will show you how to create them:

  1. The first thing you must do to create a shortcut to shut down your PC is to right click using your mouse.
  2. Select the shortcut option.
  3. In the window where “Enter the location of the item” appears, put ” cmd.exe / c shutdown.exe -S -F -T 04 -C ” “Shutting down in 4 seconds” .
  4. In the next window write the name of the access, just write OFF.
  5. Finally, select the “Finish” option.

This shortcut allows you to start the Shutdown command, which forces all the applications on your computer to close in 4 seconds. If you want the process to be slower and not force the system too much, you just have to follow the same steps mentioned.

However, when copying the placed command you will write: cmd.exe / c shutdown.exe -S -F -T 08 -C “Shutting down in 8 seconds”

Change the shortcut icon

One option that will help you locate your new access created to turn off your computer is by changing the icon, to do this, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the access created.
  2. In the menu that will appear select “Properties” / “Change icon”.
  3. A small tab will open where you will see a large number of icons to choose from , select the one you want.
  4. Then, press “OK” in both windows and voila, you have a new icon in the access created.

Turn off your computer using notepad

Yes, incredibly it is possible to turn off the computer using the notepad, but how is it possible? This option is mostly known as .bat files , these files are simple applications that are created in Windows using only lines of documents, they are even used to perform different tasks on the computer.

In order to create this file, it is only necessary to copy in a series of codes in the notepad (blank documents for each access created). to turn off the computer you just have to copy in a notepad document:

  •  @echo off
  • shutdown.exe -S -F -T 04 -C “Shutting down in 4 seconds”

If you want to restart your computer using this method, you must perform the same steps, but the code that you must copy into the document in notepad is:

  • @echo off
  • cmd.exe / c shutdown.exe -R -F -T 04 -C “Rebooting in 4 seconds”

It is incredible to see how with simple .bat files you can implement these functions on your computer , we hope you have enjoyed this post and it has helped you to shut down or restart your computer quickly and easily.


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