How to set photos in Windows 10 as screen saver? – Screen saver

We all have a memory or a photograph that brightens our day and we would like to commemorate it all the time, so we decided to place it on our computer wallpaper, since we spend most of our time there.

However, on many occasions we do not know how to place these images on the wallpaper of your Windows 10 PC . It is for this reason that we created this small guide for you to learn how you can place that motivating image for yourself as a wallpaper.

How to Set Photos in Windows 10 as Screensaver? – Screen saver

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  1. How to set an image as a screen saver in Windows 10?
    1. Is an app required to customize your screen saver?
    2. Learn how to apply screen saver changes
  2. How do screensaver images work in Windows 10?
    1. What are lock screens for on a PC?
    2. How to configure and customize the screen saver in Windows 10?



How to set an image as a screen saver in Windows 10?

In order to place a wallpaper image on your Windows 10, you have several options, one that goes directly toyour PC settingsand locates you in the personalization option. After you are here, you go to the background option, here you can choose between the images, default Windows, or choose a photo from your gallery.

The other alternative would be to download an image either through the Google Chrome browser, or another browser or you can also download an image from your social networks and save them on your computer.

After this, you are going to look for where said image was saved and you are going to right-click it,   and you are located in the option where it says to set as desktop background, in this way you will have your photograph or landscape of your choice as wallpaper.

Is an app required to customize your screen saver?

In order to personalize the screen saver of your PC, an external application is not needed to customize it, since as we mentioned before you can do it in the PC settings in the personalization option and then in the lock screen option.

Learn how to apply screen saver changes

Once you are located  on the lock screen, you will notice that several options will appear, one that is not only to place a static image, but you can also place several images as presentations so that when your screen is locked it is displayed on it.

You can select those images in the default ones that are in Windows, or you can examine and search for those images that you have in your PC gallery and place them there.

In the same way you can also edit the Windows options menu , that is, customize your options menu in your own way, so that those applications that you need to appear first can be found quickly.

How do screensaver images work in Windows 10?

Windows 10 screensavers work to personalize our PC, that is to say, it does not serve to organize or personalize our computer to our liking, in this way, when we are inside it we can feel comfortable using our PC. Apart from this, these images will always appear static or moving on our screen, unlike the screen saver.

On the other hand, Windows not only allows you to customize the menu options and the wallpaper, but you can also edit  the notifications that it sends you , placing them invisibly so you won’t have those notifications or things all the time. time on your computer.

What are lock screens for on a PC?

The PC lock screens are used when the computer screen is static, that is, when we are not using the computer , in this way you can keep the computer on when you are not using it.

How to configure and customize the screen saver in Windows 10?

In order to configure and customize the screen saver in Windows 10, you can do the procedure that we mentioned above is to go to your computer’s settings.

Subsequently, you will locate yourself in the wallpaper or lock screen options, it can also be said, which option of the lock screen, allows you to place both that image that you have as your desktop wallpaper and also place it as a lock so you will have that image or memory that you bring many feelings towards you constantly on your PC.

However, it is always recommended that those images that you are going to place as wallpaper; have a good resolution. Since at the time of placing said wallpaper image, on many occasions these photographs or images look pixelated, because the image is stretched and it does not look very pretty in the background.


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