How to see the Hashtags you follow on Instagram?

If you are interested in seeing all those hashtags that you have followed on Instagram, you can do it very easily and in this article you will learn how to do it. You just have to enter the settings to see the option “Account data” and check the hashtags that you follow.

If you still don’t understand, stick around so that later you can read the step by step. You will also know the way to stop following the hashtags that no longer interest you and know if there is the possibility of ordering them.

It is good that you take into account that this type of procedure can be carried out as many times as you like and at your discretion so that you carry an Instagram more organized and adapted to your preferences.

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  1. How many Hashtags can be followed on Instagram and how to see which ones I follow?
    1. View Hashtags from iPhone
    2. Your Hashtags on Android
    3. See the Hashtags followed from the PC
  2. How to sort all followed Hashtags on an Instagram account?
  3. How to stop following a Hashtag on Instagram?

How many Hashtags can be followed on Instagram and how to see which ones I follow?

One of the many positive and practical aspects that Instagram has is that  you can follow the number of hashtags you want , but the ideal is that you keep track of them.

In case you want to stop following a hashtag or review the ones you follow, you can do it in a very easy way, either on iPhone, Android or PC by accessing your account settings and following a series of simple steps.

View Hashtags from iPhone

The first thing you should do is enter the application . If you don’t have it yet, you can download the version available on iOS. Once in the App, enter your access data and enter your profile.

Then, you must enter the settings in which the “Security” option will appear. Click on the option “Access data” so that the alternative “Hashtags that you follow” will appear. Click on it to check all the hashtags you have followed

Your Hashtags on Android

To be able to see the Hashtags that you follow from your Android device , first make sure you have downloaded the App from the Play Store. Open the application and enter your access data to log in . Once you have entered your account, you must click on the lower right corner where your photo appears to enter the profile.

Click on the three lines that appear in the upper right corner and then click on the “Settings” option. Enter “Security” and then in the section that says ” Data and history” you will see the option “Access data” where you must enter.

Among the options that will appear, you will see the one that says “Hashtags that you follow”, and after you click on “See all”, the hashtags that you follow will appear.

See the Hashtags followed from the PC

If you do not have the applications downloaded on Android or iOS, there is no problem, since you can enter the Instagram platform from the browser of your choice and using the search bar to find the social network .

Access your account and once there, click on the upper right corner where your photo appears. A menu will be displayed in which you must click on “Settings” and then in the sidebar that will appear, click on “Privacy and security”.

Then, in the section that says “Account information” click on “View account information” . In one of the sections will appear “hashtags that you follow” in which you just have to click on “See all” to review the hashtags that you have followed on the platform.

How to sort all followed Hashtags on an Instagram account?

From I nstagram you cannot keep the hashtags organized , which may be a disadvantage for you. If this is very important in terms of the use you give to the social network, you can keep an order with a tool that is outside the application or perhaps write them down in an agenda with all the data you need.

How to stop following a Hashtag on Instagram?

Another positive aspect of Instagram is that it is possible to unfollow a hashtag. The first thing you should do is use the application’s search engine and enter the name of the hashtag.

Click on the hashtag that you follow and under the name you will see the option “Stop following” , which you must click to conclude the procedure.

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