How to see Instagram lives from a computer? – Connect to the world

A large number of users within Instagram create Lives to earn money , but they also do it for fun and to share with other people. This type of content can be viewed comfortably from mobile devices that have the application installed on their system.

How to See Instagram Lives From a Computer? – Connect to the World

But in the case of the computer, the same could not be said. It is possible that you have missed a Live from one of your favorite users and all because you had a computer at your disposal. Next we will tell you why Instagram does not let you see Lives , how to solve the problems to see Lives from a computer and also what to do if you solve the problem but it occurs again.

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  1. Why didn’t Instagram allow viewing lives from a computer?
  2. What should you do to watch live and direct from your computer?
    1. Install the latest version of Google Chrome
    2. Log in to Instagram
    3. Enjoy the direct
  3. What to do if you still can’t see the live ones?
    1. Install the latest version of Google Chrome
    2. We recommend the extension ‘IG Stories’
    3. You can see the lives you like

Why didn’t Instagram allow viewing lives from a computer?

The main reason why you can’t see Instagram Lives is due to a problem in the operation of Google Chrome or in the default browser on your computer. The main cause of errors when making calls from Instagram with a computer is the browser.

However, to clear up doubts, it is recommended that you look for information on websites or some other social network to make sure that the Instagram platforms are working. Before doing anything you should make sure of this because a couple of months ago the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram networks completely fell.

It should be noted that once the problem with Instagram Lives is fixed , you can learn how to change your date of birth within Instagram from your PC. And you can also see how to tag other users in your Reels using your PC .

What should you do to watch live and direct from your computer?

We have already told you the reason why Instagram Lives cannot be seen from computers. Now the time has come to see how to solve the problem . To solve this problem, you have to perform only 3 simple steps.

Install the latest version of Google Chrome

If you have searched for information on a website or in another social network and found that Instagram is down, you should update your Google Chrome . One way to update the browser and free up space is to uninstall the old version to update the new version . But yes, you must first download the Chrome installation package.

Once you have uninstalled the browser look for the online installation package you downloaded, right click on it and run it as administrator. What you would need is to wait for the installation to finish . When the browser is downloaded and installed, register your email and get ready to execute the next step.

Log in to Instagram

After you register your email in your updated browser, you will need to log in to your Instagram account . Since all the data saved by your browser was deleted due to the update, this time you should enter your email or your account username and password.

Enjoy the direct

When you enter your Instagram account, look for a person who is broadcasting live at that moment and see if Instagram now allows you to view the content of the Live. If everything went well and there is no failure , you shouldn’t worry about anything, it’s ready, but if you still can’t see that Live, try the following to see if this failure is solved.

What to do if you still can’t see the live ones?

Due to some extra details that your computer’s browser has, it is possible that after having executed the previous process you still cannot see the Lives . However, you do not have to worry because shortly you will see how to solve this problem at once.

Install the latest version of Google Chrome

One of the reasons why Instagram Lives are still not showing on your computer could be due to an error in the installation of Google Chrome. In that case, you just have to update the browser again and uninstall it again. But for this update try to close all those programs that are running in the background such as antivirus and download archivers.

In addition, it also closes all those programs that are using the Internet service. With all this, the internet speed will remain as stable as possible and no program will interrupt the Google Chrome installer processes .

We recommend the extension ‘IG Stories’

The IG Stories extension is an Instagram plugin that can be incorporated into the Google Chrome interface and the interface of other types of browsers that are not from Google. Installing ‘IG Stories’ is the definitive key to solving the problem that prevents you from viewing Lives with your account.

To download this extension you have to place the sentence ‘Download IG Stories extension’ in the Google search engine. After that, click on one of the search results in Google and proceed to install this Instagram extension.

You can see the lives you like

Once the installation of ‘IG Stories’ is finished, activate its operation by going to the icon of the three points in Google Chrome, position yourself where it says ‘Tools’ and then where it says ‘Extensions’. Within the Google Chrome extensions, look for a call ‘IG Stories’ and activate it by clicking on the switch .

Finally, go to the Instagram website and start enjoying once and for all the Lives that all users make.


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