How to search on Telegram

Are you wondering how to search on Telegram ? Here’s how to quickly search for the right channels on Telegram with the Global Search function.

More and more companies periodically give life to new applications to communicate with friends, relatives and co-workers. You will surely have noticed how the need to connect in smart working has given way to many new features useful for us who use them. In this vortex of functions and applications among the software that are increasing more and more popularity is Telegram .

Exceptional application for chatting, sending files and much more like bots and offer groups. Sometimes, however, the large number of features could confuse us between hidden folders and photo albums that are saved who knows where. Fortunately, Telegram has an internal system for searching the documents, messages, photographs and files you have sent and received. In the next lines we will see how to do research on Telegram using the functions present in the program.


  • Search for the right channels on Telegram quickly
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  • How to do global research on Telegram
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    • How to search for channels on Telegram
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  • How to search for files on Telegram

Search for the right channels on Telegram quickly

You know very well that one of the features that made Telegram famous is the creation of channels. While you can create as many as you like with great ease, it’s even easier to find one that might interest you.

It is important to state that Telegram allows you to create two types of channels: private and public . Obviously you will need to have a verified Telegram account to be able to access the desired channels, whether they are privatized or open to everyone. But let’s see the steps to follow to search for a channel on Telegram.

Android and iOS

Start the official Telegram app , from iOS or Android , and press on the lens icon at the top right . At this point, all you have to do is type in the name of the channel you are interested in. When you type in the channel name there may be several homonyms, browse the list and click on the one you think is correct.


Launch the app from Telegram Web or Telegram Desktop and at the top left of the search bar type the name of the channel you are looking for. Under the word Global search you will see different results, click on the one you want.

This procedure applies to public channels as you will not be presented with private channels. Telegram does not allow you to see private ones except through an invitation link.

How to do global research on Telegram

From a technical point of view , Telegram’s global search is a real advanced search. If in the most popular applications you can search for a contact or a chat, with Telegram by searching for a simple word you will be faced with many opportunities related to that term.

With the latest update, we recommend downloading in case you have an older version, you can quickly search for messages and files in a prominent tab.

The first step is to press the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen . Here you will see a search bar at the top and four sections named: Chat , Media , Links , Files and Music . In case you are looking for something specific, like a photograph, we recommend that you click on Media. All the images sent and received on Telegram will appear.

If you are looking for a Word or PDF document, the ideal solution is the File section. Press on the desired section and type the word you are looking for in the search bar at the top. All the information you want will appear automatically.

What are you looking for on Telegram

In addition to searching for files on your smartphone, you can also expand the function to many other things. In particular, now we will see how to search: channels , groups , bots , usernames and stickers on Telegram.

How to search for channels on Telegram

Telegram channels are a very important resource for communicating with colleagues and above all for chatting with official bodies. In order for you to search for a channel on this application, all you have to do is press on the magnifying glass at the top right and type the name of the channel you want to consult while remaining in the Chat section .

Please note that if you had to write the channel name in a distorted way it would be very difficult for you to find the desired channel, in fact, on Telegram there are many similar channels so be careful in observing the number of subscribers . Too low a number does not guarantee safety.

Once you have identified the right channel, just press on it and tap on the word Join . If you don’t find the channel you are looking for, it may be private.

How to search for groups on Telegram

Did your favorite youtuber point out to you that they have a bunch of Telegram offerings and you definitely want to be a part of it? Fortunately, the procedure for searching for groups is really very simple, indeed we anticipate that it is identical to that of the channels. Let’s see it better.

Start Telegram, click on the magnifying glass and type the name of the group you want to join. Once you find it, check that it appears under the name of the group: members (next to a number) and non-subscribers, then press on it and select the Join option . Always check that there are official credentials within the group. You may also be interested in our selection of the best Telegram groups .

How to search for Bot on Telegram

The thorny topic of the more experienced Telegram users is the use of bots. Although these are a very important resource for searching and taking advantage of the application’s automatic features, in some cases many users take advantage of them. But we are sure that you will use bots in a conscious way.

To search for a bot on Telegram, all you have to do is press the magnifying glass icon at the top right and then type the name of the bot . In most cases the bot is preceded by the @ or # character . Once found, click on it and select Start . Remember that the procedure is valid for both Android and iOS operating systems, and on computers.

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How to search for username on Telegram


When you sign up for Telegram you will have noticed that the application asks you to choose a username . This process is for the program to search for its users quickly without phone number from the global search bar. Given that you can always enter a private username to avoid being found, but you can take advantage of this condition to look for a friend whose SIM number you do not know. Let’s see how to do it.

Open Telegram and press on the magnifying glass , from here type the username of the person you are looking for in the search bar . Now you will get several results, including groups and channels, but you focus your gaze only on the images , on the at sign before the name , on the precise name and on the last access . Once you find it, click on it and you can start chatting.

How to search for stickers on Telegram

The world of Telegram stickers is truly exceptional, funny moving images can make you smile while chatting. In order for you to be able to search for stickers, all you have to do is start the Telegram application and open a completely random conversation.

At this point, if you are using a smartphone, you have to press on the stickers icon which in the latest version is located at the bottom left. Once pressed, select one of the proposed stickers and a window will open with many categories of stickers. Select the one you want and click on Add . This guide on how to transfer stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp may also be useful .

How to search for files on Telegram

We have already anticipated in the previous lines that in addition to channels, groups, bots, usernames, stickers, images, music, links, media and chats you can also search for files on Telegram . To access it follow these steps precisely.

Start Telegram and press on the group in which you think the desired file is, then press on the name of the group itself. A screen will open showing: Members , Media , Files , Links , Music , Voice and GIFs .

To find a shared file, click on the File item . Here you will find all the files, in chronological order, that you have used in chats or sent to you. By pressing on them for a few seconds you can decide whether to install, send or delete them. Easy right

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