How to search for a video on Twitter

Searching for videos on Twitter can be a complicated process due to the myriad of related Tweets that can appear. However, with the advanced search of Twitter, you can include characteristics of the video or tweet to clarify the search and thus find it faster.

So this article will explain how to search for a video on Twitter, and we will also introduce you to the use of advanced search on this social network. In this sense, we will address the benefits of this search engine and what are the commands you should use to find videos or publications more easily.

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  1. What are the benefits of advanced Twitter search?
    1. Get accurate results
  2. What options are there to find a video on Twitter?
    1. Using quotes
    2. Deleting a word in the search
    3. Using different commands
  3. How do you search for old videos on Twitter?
    1. Add the date

What are the benefits of advanced Twitter search?

Searching for Tweets or people using the Twitter search bar is sometimes complicated by the large number of results that it shows. Well, when you write a name, many users will appear that contain this name in their personal accounts. For Tweets it is much more difficult because the words related to that publication will appear, therefore many results.

Get accurate results

However, Twitter has the advanced search option to search for things much more precisely . For example, if you cannot upload a video to Twitter, but on some occasion you have seen a clip similar to the one you wanted to upload and it is already published by another user, then you can try to search for it with the advanced search and then use it by publishing it or by copying the link.

If you use the normal search engine, the amount of results can be immense and you may not find what you are looking for. However, with the advanced search you will find more exact results because you can include filters such as quotes, dates or people who have mentioned or responded to in the publication.

What options are there to find a video on Twitter?

First, you must enter the Twitter website or its mobile application of this service in the case of trying to open the account from a cell phone. Once there, you have to go to the top of the screen to click on the search bar. At the bottom of the search filters you can see the advanced search option where you have to click.

This option can also be found on the left side of the screen by clicking on more options. In this part, you must start writing the data of the video you are looking for by filling in the specific boxes or categories that Twitter makes available. At the end, you have to press search or the enter key.

Using quotes

Search filters or refinements are certain features that are added to or removed from the name of the video you are looking for. In this sense, one of the options you can try to find the video faster is by putting quotation marks between words. This option is much more efficient than just putting the name of the video because in this way many results will appear.

For example, you can try placing quotation marks on the two main words of the video name separately. Likewise, another way to add quotation marks is in the complete sentence, that is, at the beginning and end of the sentence. Sometimes you can put the hashtag or the language of the video in quotes. After finding it, you can copy the link and paste it into your profile or that of a follower.

Deleting a word in the search

Another way to find videos, people or tweets specifically and faster is by clipping words. In this type of search, you should try to be as precise as possible, therefore, you only have to place the exact words that describe and lead to the video. That is, you should not write many words so that many results do not appear. If you can not find people or tweets in any way, this user may have put their account in private mode.

Using different commands

In advanced Twitter searches it is possible to add commands to the search bar to be more specific. In this sense, when searching for the video you can place the command tweeted by + the user who has shared the video in quotation marks. Likewise, if the video was published in response to another Tweet in a comment, use the command (in response to + @ the user who published the video.)

In the event that the Tweet containing the video has mentioned other people, you can try searching for it using the following command. In the search bar you have to write ( the Tweet includes + @ the tagged user. ) This way, the search engine already knows where to look.

How do you search for old videos on Twitter?

When it comes to old videos or tweets from not close dates, there are specific commands to find them. For this type of search, the date on which the Tweet was published with the video must be used. One of these commands is to write tweets from + a date . To search for the publications made since that specific date. Therefore, the publications that have been made before the date stipulated in the command, will not be registered when the search is made. Doing in turn, that the options are reduced and therefore the result can appear faster.

Add the date

Likewise, another of the commands with a date that can be written is tweets to + date . This is for Twitter to search for the video up to a specific point in time. Therefore, the publications made on dates after the aforementioned will not be taken into account by the search engine.

If you want to be much more exact, you can set the range of dates in which Twitter should do the search. There in the filters, two boxes will appear to place the dates, one says from and the other until. So the dates placed in these boxes will be the range that the search engine will take into account to find the video.

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