How to satisfy your husband in bed, don’t be afraid to start first!

Sexual intercourseof course it is not only the obligation of either party to satisfy the other. Wives also need to know how to satisfy their husbands so that the relationship remains romantic and away from boring words.

The key to a romantic partner’s relationship is communication. It is impossible for a wife to know what her husband wants – and vice versa – if there is no communication.Especially for bed affairs, don’t feel shy to communicate with your partner. Say the details and the smallest thing that affects your sex life together.

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Various ways to satisfy your husband in bed

If all this time the stigma that has formed in society is that husbands satisfy their wives, now is the time to try a different game: find out how to satisfy your husband in bed.Anything? Here are 10 ways to satisfy your husband.

  1. Be attractive

One of the things that makes a husband and wife’s sexual activity enjoyable is when there are many elements of surprise and you are being attractive. This is important because surprise after surprise can arouse even higher arousal.So, instead of carrying out the “duty” of monotonous sexual intercourse one night, why not surprise her by asking her to have sex at unexpected times?

. Foreplay via chat

If all this time you consider sexual arousalcan only wake up through a series of foreplay in bed, that’s a big mistake. How to satisfy your husband can be started even when you are not with your husband.Send text or photossensual with an inviting tone to her. Guaranteed, this will make your husband in the office can’t wait to come home to see you soon.

  1. Role play

Tired of the same ritual sex? The next way to satisfy your husband is to tryrole play orrole playDon’t hesitate to imagine, whatever it is. Starting from being a lecturer and student to imagination is cared for by sexy sisters.Exerting each other’s imagination is also guaranteed to make you more creative in planning and making sex activities more fun than usual.

  1. Make your husband feel wanted

Not only does your wife feel wanted, but as much as possible make your husband feel that he is what you want. Give small compliments and give a gentle touch to warm up before you play in bed.Remember, sex is based on mutual trust and affection. So don’t hesitate to tell your husband that his wife wants him. Moreover, if your husband is always busy with tiring work affairs.

  1. Know the point of stimulation partner

Everyone has a different stimulation point. It should also be noted that your partner cannot guess what the point of arousal for each other is. Don’t hesitate to ask what makes him most aroused, including his sexual fantasies.Of course talking about this is not as trivial as talking about everyday things about household affairs. Ask when you and your partner are pillow talk or chat casually in bed. Who knows, can it continue to the next round?

  1. Try different styles and locations

Style make loveand the place to have sex can also increase sexual turmoil between you and your husband. Don’t just use the same sex position in the same place because it will only invite boredom.Feel free to both explore various challenging styles, including doggy style . Not only that, make the entire area of ​​your residence a “bed”. Don’t hesitate to try making love in unexpected places, such as the bathroom or kitchen, which will certainly add to both of you.

  1. Yelling while in bed

There is nothing more exciting than “loud” sex. Don’t hesitate to express when you feel good by yelling or sighing in your partner’s ear. No need to feel embarrassed because that is also a form of communication to your partner and gives a signal that you are enjoying this moment of love.

  1. Confident

A woman who is confident will look very beautiful in bed. This is what a man saw. Especially for women who have just given birth and feel no longer sexy with lots of piles of fat and cellulite? Forget it.Stay confident so that it will be reflected in your body language during sex. No need to hesitate in responding to sexual stimulation – or stimulating it first? – is a very powerful way of satisfying a husband.

  1. Movement is not monotonous

In contrast to matters of sex style, the way to satisfy the next husband is to make love without monotonous movements. Movement and sex positions are the same and tend to be repetitive will only make your lovemaking moments boring.Try changing the speed, position, pressure, and stimulation you give your husband so that he always feels like you have little gifts.

  1. Dominate

The last but not least important way to satisfy your husband is to try to dominate your sex session. Let you arrange everything from start to finish. The term, your husband is quite “get it right”.This method will stimulate your husband and make sexual desire in bed even more unbearable.

Notes from SehatQ

All the ways to satisfy your husband above will be difficult to materialize if there are still communication barriers between you and your partner. Make sure the communication between you and your husband is fluid so that whatever you do, including stimulating him sexually, will be the moment he’s been waiting for. With satisfying sexual quality, the household will be more harmonious.

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