How to run a PHP file on Ubuntu Linux from console

Learn how to run a PHP file on Ubuntu Linux from the console with this step-by-step guide. Execute your PHP code and enhance your web development skills effortlessly.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that works as an operating system that you can use easily and quickly install. Its name that means: humanity towards us comes from the African tribe called Zulu, whose name was chosen by the British company Canonical Ltd.

Ubuntu was created with the objective that you as a user can make easy downloads as well as installations for free in more than 130 languages, so it is possible to install packages or programs in Ubuntu from the terminal .

It is important that you know that Ubuntu has a web browser, multimedia player, music player, instant messaging, photo editor, text editor, disk recorder, and mail. You can even currently find Ubuntu Phone, Ubuntu Tablet and even Ubuntu TV .

Ubuntu gives you the possibility that you as a user can present your ideas, suggestions, or complaints so that in the future, before making new versions, they take them into account for their better operation, accessibility and security.

What is PHP?

PHP is an open source scripting programming language that was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP comes from the acronym in English of Hypertext Pre-Processor, which in Spanish means hypertext pre-processor. It should be noted that you can install Apache2 – php – Mysql and Phpmyadmin on Ubuntu .

It has HTML programming that is compatible with most of the databases, as well as being flexible because you can learn it easily.

Many prefer this PHP language as it is compatible with the most popular databases such as ODBC; Oracle, MySQL, Informix and mSQL:

PHP contains three main components such as a web browser , a server and a parser. The server that uses PHP has the PHP programming language, in addition the browser provides you with exposes the stored web pages.

You can create its command lines without the need for a server or browser as you only need to use its parser in PHP.

Also with PHP you can make numerous applications to use on the desktop feasible on any existing platform. The advantage of including PHP on a Linux server is that it is much faster because it takes up little memory space.

PHP is the language most used by programmers and therefore its files are executed on the different web servers available on the internet. These files are customized as web pages that have codes so that later online you can execute them

How to run a PHP file on Ubuntu Linux from console.Running a PHP file on Ubuntu Linux from the console involves a few straightforward steps. Here’s a guide presented in a tabular format:

Step Action Description
1 Open Terminal Access the terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard.
2 Install PHP (if not installed) Type sudo apt-get install php and press Enter. Enter your password if prompted.
3 Navigate to the PHP file’s directory Use the cd command to navigate to the directory containing your PHP file. For example, cd /path/to/your/file.
4 Run the PHP file Type php filename.php (replace filename.php with the name of your PHP file) and press Enter to execute the script.
5 View the output The output of the PHP script will be displayed in the terminal.

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure that you have PHP installed on your Ubuntu system. The command in Step 2 installs PHP if it’s not already installed.
  • Replace /path/to/your/file and filename.php with the actual path and name of your PHP file.
  • If your PHP file writes to a file or needs special permissions, you might need to run it with sudo (e.g., sudo php filename.php).

This guide should help you to run a PHP file from the console in Ubuntu Linux.

If you want to execute your file in the PHP language from Ubuntu Linux, below I will show you how to do it step by step, but you can also learn in more detail what is a PHP file and how to execute them?

Running a PHP file on Ubuntu Linux from the console is a fundamental skill for web developers. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently execute PHP files and harness the power of PHP for your web projects. Remember to ensure PHP is installed, navigate to the file’s directory, and execute the PHP file using the php command. By troubleshooting common issues and practicing your PHP skills, you will become proficient in running PHP files on Ubuntu Linux.

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