How to resolve PSN errors

PlayStation Network , also known as PSN, is Sony’s network that aggregates many online services for PlayStation platforms. Its main function is to allow players to enjoy the multiplayer modes included in most titles.

However, sometimes, at some point, the service may have some kind of error. In most cases, the problem is solved, but unfortunately in others it is more complicated or cannot be solved directly by us.

For the second option, there is always an error code that can help solve the problem. Here is a list of the main errors and some tips to solve them.

Universal Solution

There are many problems, actually, that have not been fully covered but in most situations, it is a standard procedure that can solve many of the situations, whatever the error. So first of all, you should always try to:

  • Log out of PSN and immediately stop logging in again
  • Restart the router
  • Reconfigure the PS4 network
  • Enter the Google DNS
  • Rebuild the database


Can’t connect to PSN. Even if the Internet connection is working normally, this error may appear unexpectedly.

This is an IP address block for security reasons. If by any suspicious trace, the company detects something strange, it will take drastic measures. One of them is the banning of the IP address.

Solution 1

Restart the router. Many operators work with a dynamic IP assignment, so every time the device is rebooted, a new Internet address is assigned.

Solution 2

In other situations, you need to contact the ISP and ask to exchange the IP and unblock the firewall ports:

TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 UDP: 3478, 3479


This is a licensing error. For some reason, our account has been activated as primary on another console, so the games linked to it may lose the use license, which requires a new update.

To define an account as main, just go to the menu:  [Settings]> [PSN / Account Management]> [Activate PS4 as main]> [Activate] .

All that remains is to restore the licenses, for this we will have to go back to the [PSN / Account Administration] menu   and give the option [Restore licenses] .


This error is one of the most difficult to resolve. This is a ban on our console. It is more than likely that Sony sent us an email explaining point by point the reason for this sanction.

In these cases, there is nothing to do.

WC-40383-8 (PSN under maintenance)

If we are trying to buy something in the PlayStation store or enter the PSN and we get the “maintenance” message even though the network is working perfectly for the rest of the users, then we will have to follow these steps:

  • First, check the statusof PlayStation Network, just in case.
  • Sign out of PSN.
  • Try to reconnect again by entering username and password.
  • If it does not work, reconfigure the local network parameters.


This is a problem with DNS. We will have to try to always use Google DNS as follows:

We go to the menu [Configuration]> [Network]> [Configure Internet connection]> Select the option that best suits us (Use Wi-Fi / use LAN cable).

In the option “How do you want to configure the Internet connection?” , we select [Custom]

In the IP configurations, we choose [Manual] and we will find the following parameters:

  1. * Ip address:
  2. * Subnet mask:
  3. * Gateway:
  4. Primary DNS:
  5. Secondary DNS:

We will only have to change the DNS for the universal ones of Google:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Once this is done we click [Next]

  1. In the MTU configuration select: [Automatic]
  2. Proxy Server: [Do not use]

Credit card problems

A constant problem. Many users report that they cannot register their credit card and make purchases. Before contacting the Sony SAT , we can try a few simple tips:

  • Check the data. In PSN they must be entered exactly as written on the card, with upper and lower case.
  • Check the validity of the card.
  • Check the card limit.
  • Check the security code.
  • Try to place the order through the PlayStation website. Some users report that through the site everything works without any problem.

We hope these suggestions have been of great help to you. Anyway, the inclusion of new problems and solutions in the article can be suggested. Our intention is for it to be a great FAQ.

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