How To Reset Windows Administrator Password

Today we are going to take a look at how to reset administrator password in Windows 8 . The Kali Linux distribution will be used to reset the password, or you can use any other Live distribution. Kali Linux is a descendant of the BackTrack distributions and naturally this distribution is intended primarily for conducting security tests. If you are using the Kali Linux distribution, you can download it by going to the website. After downloading the required distribution, you need to make a bootable USB flash drive . After creating a bootable flash drive, you need to reboot and boot from the Kali Linux distribution.

How to reset administrator password in Windows 8

Here is a list of commands that you will need to execute to reset your password, and I also recommend watching the video attached to this article so that you do not have any problems when resetting your password. These commands are listed for convenience. All commands must be executed in the terminal.

  1. cd / media /
  2. ls -a
  3. cd (the name of the directory where the Windows disk was mounted) / Windows / System32 / (go to system32)
  4. find osk.exe (find the osk.exe file)
  5. mv osk.exe osk.exe.backup (create a backup file osk.exe)
  6. cp cmd.exe osk.exe (now “Command Prompt” starts instead of the on-screen keyboard)
  7. reboot (reboot and boot from Windows)

Now you need to reset your password. To do this, boot from windows 8 and launch the on-screen keyboard (instead, we will launch the “Command Line”). In cmd, you will need to run several commands to reset your password. Please note that when executing commands in cmd, you should be located at C: \ Windows \ System32 \> then specify the command:

  • net user (your account name) * – press enter and the system will ask you to enter a password.

After completing this operation, your account password will be reset. Don’t forget to watch the video for this article

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