How to remove the automatic Windows 10 updates screen

It is important that our electronic devices perform their tasks automatically to stay in optimal operation. But we must be the managers of what may or may not be installed on our computer, be it PC or mobile.

As we know you are concerned about this situation, we will shortly show you an article that will explain how to remove the Windows 10 automatic updates screen.

For this reason, we will configure such that these automatic updates are blocked. And these are installed on my computer only when I look for them, in this way we remove once and for all these automations. But so that you can understand very well what we are going to do, I suggest you not miss any step.

Windows Update is responsible for downloading updates to the system when they are available. But it can happen that errors arise and you keep looking for updates and thank God this can be solved. But to avoid this and other possible problems, it is advisable to remove the automatic Windows 10 updates screen .

How to remove the automatic Windows 10 updates screen

If we poke around in the Windows Update settings, we may find that automatic updates cannot be completely disabled. Then we must resort to other means that do not allow this task. And we will delve into advanced options of the Windows 10 operating system .

So to carry out this operation, first of all we are going to go to the service applications, to do this we go to the start menu and we must write the following instruction services.msc and the services window will appear on our screen immediately. And what are we going to do here, then prevent Windows updates from starting together with the system.

In this window we can see a list with a large number of processes and we can see their name, description, status, it shows if the process is running at the moment or not. We will also see the type of start and the way to start the session, all this information is contained in the services window.

How to configure the services window in Windows 10

The next thing you should do is scroll down to the bottom of this window and you will find the Windows Update option Then you are going to double-click on it to take you to another new window, in this you will find and select the tab that is called General. You may already be in it and go to the Startup type section.

Then you must click on the arrow that points down and several options will appear and you must choose Disabled, then go down and click on the Apply button . This will apply the changes that have been made in this window. Now the last step is to restart your computer, this is an important step when making changes to the system configuration.

After the restart of your computer, the update screen will not show you again and you will not worry about this anymore. But we do recommend that from time to time you enter Windows Update. This so that you can receive the updates that are available since they contain corrections and perches that can keep you protected from new threats.

Before finishing, it is important that you know that many configurations that we can make to the system are to offer us an answer for a specific task. But we must act with caution and knowledge because if we make a mistake in any instruction or command we can make the system work correctly, so be careful with this.

In this way we finish with the explanation of this tutorial that could teach you another function that we can deactivate in Windows 10. And without many complications, you already know how to remove the screen of automatic Windows 10 updates.


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