How to remove Google privacy reminder

How to remove Google privacy reminder . Each time you do a search on G oogle , A message related to privacy? Would you like to delete it but don’t know how to do it? In this tutorial, I will teach you how to do it.

As a final result, you will be able to browse safely without seeing the privacy message (as long as you use the same Google account) and, more importantly, you will understand what that message is for, which is of fundamental importance. In addition, you will learn information about how Google collects and uses user data.

Index of contents

  • How to remove Google privacy reminder step by step
    • Delete the Google privacy reminder message
  • How to change the privacy settings of your Google account

How to remove Google privacy reminder step by step

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to remove the Google privacy reminder , I think it is important to explain when and why this message appears and why it is of fundamental importance.

The privacy reminder is required in accordance with data protection laws and asks the user to read, understand and accept Google’s privacy policy . My advice is to follow the instructions of the Californian company, since this way you will be able to better understand what information it collects, how it is used and what possibilities you have to better manage this data.

In case you are wondering when this reminder appears on the screen, it is displayed whenever you use or access a Google service (for example, Gmail) and you have not yet accepted the latest version of the privacy policy.

In fact, we are talking about issues that are as important as they are complex, often requiring careful review by the Californian company based on current regulations.

For this reason, there is no real way to completely remove the privacy message from Google, but I can still explain how to try to make it appear as little as possible and at the same time how to manage your privacy when using your Google account.

Delete the Google privacy reminder message

If you no longer want to know the privacy message from Google, the procedure you need to follow to remove it, or at least to see it only a few times, is very simple. Just log in with your Google account and never delete cookie or log out.

So, connect to the Google home page and press the blue access button , present at the top right.

Then enter the email address , click next , enter the password to access your account and press next again to log in.

Well, from now on you will never have to leave your account to see the reminder as little as possible. If you come across it again, to delete it, you will only have to press the blue READ button , read what is written in the box that appears and finally press the ACCEPT button (obviously, in case you want to give your consent and continue using the Google services).

You will no longer see the reminder until Google has to update its privacy policies. Consent is saved in your Google account and therefore you can only accept it from one device.

In case you want to check if you have already accepted the latest version of Google’s privacy policy, you just need to link to this page and log in, if asked.

The portal will explain what to do: if everything is correct, the message  You have already read the most recent privacy reminder from Google and you do not have to do anything else for now . Furthermore, on the same page, you will also find interesting information about what data Google processes.

How to change the privacy settings of your Google account

Would you like to better understand what you can do to protect your privacy? No problem: Google also allows you to do this through an official website specifically designed to allow users to better protect their data.

To perform Google’s privacy control, all you have to do is connect to this link and press the blue button SIGN IN TO BEGIN present in the middle of the page. Enter the email address , press the next button , enter the password, and press the next button to log into your Google account.

Perfect: now the portal will show you a series of settings that you can manage independently, explaining what they are for and how to change them.

In general, you only need to read and put into practice the information provided by Google, by pressing the blue NEXT button and then, after the check is finalized, on writing CONTINUE AND ACCESS YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT .

In case you were wondering, you won’t need to check your privacy every time you want to change these settings.

In fact, this control is designed only to explain to users what the different options are for, and once everything is understood, it is possible to manage privacy settings more quickly through this page.


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