How To Recover Deleted Files from PC or Mac with 4DDiG Data Recovery

If you are reading this guide then you are probably in trouble with your PC or your Mac and you have no time to waste. Very often users contact us following the wrong deletion of files from PC, and among the many software to recover deleted files, you should seriously consider  Tenorshare 4DDiG Data Recovery . This software has been specially developed to solve many problems that afflict some Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It is in fact a professional software but easier to use.

All you need is a PC ( Windows or Mac ) to download this program, which we will guide you through in the next paragraphs. Obviously professional software of this kind is not free: 4DDiG Data Recovery offers its advanced scanning algorithm for free which, as we will see shortly, is able to dig deep into disks and find hundreds of thousands of files, letting you taste the potential firsthand. of this software.

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What is 4DDiG Data Recovery

4DDiG Data Recovery was born from the need to recover files deleted in many different situations: files or folders deleted by mistake, files deleted from the recycle bin, recover files after a format and so on. Obviously the guys at Tenorshare have created a version of this software for both Windows PC and Mac :

  • DOWNLOAD | 4DDiG Data Recovery for Windows
  • DOWNLOAD | 4DDiG Data Recovery for Mac

In this sort of “review” we will therefore show you all the features included in the software, starting from the free trial version , so as to show you its potential without you having to download it to your PC. If by reading this article you understand that this is the program for you, then you can directly decide to buy it.

Above you can see an example of the prices of 4DDiG Data Recovery (attention, they may not be the current prices) with which to recover deleted files from a PC or Mac by purchasing one of the three types of license: monthly (if you only have immediate need), annual (to remain covered all year) or perpetual (for life).

The licenses you see above are available for one machine only . However, you can also request licenses for multiple PCs , such as for an organization. Finally, as you can see from the photo above, on the purchase page you will often find a Discount Code applicable on the list price, which is often already in promotion!

Recover Deleted Files from PC with 4DDiG Data Recovery

Let’s indulge no further and take a look at how 4DDiG Data Recovery works , in this case on a Windows PC. What you see below is the main screen of the trial version of this software, which is very similar to the paid version.

The interface is simple and very intuitive because all we have to do is choose the location from which to recover deleted files. More precisely we can choose a specific location (desktop, recycle bin, folders) or from a disk – to recover formatted files – (in the example in the figure our PC has three different disks), or opt for Advanced Recovery , if the PC does not is running or you are trying to handle corrupt files such as images or videos:

So we select a position and click on the Start button to start the scan. The scan usually takes about an hour : it is not very fast , but this is a symptom of the fact that 4DDiG Data Recovery uses a deep scanning algorithm that can recover deleted files very efficiently.

At the end of the scan we will find an interface similar to the following, where not only the directories and sub-directories where the files were recovered are indicated, but we will also have a record of the number of files found and the estimated time, with an interface that even allows us to preview recoverable files :

At the end of the scan we will know exactly how many files were found, and what is the total amount of space required for file recovery. We must admit that very few software have managed to find so many files with a simple trash scan: in our case 4DDiG Data Recovery managed to find over 400,000 files for a total of over 190 GB of data .

In our case we are using the trial version of the software and therefore, after selecting the files of interest and after clicking the “Recover” button , a pop-up warns us that this software version is obviously limited . More specifically, it will not be possible to recover files and you will be able to show the preview only for some file extensions (JPG for example). Obviously then, by purchasing a license, you will have support for updates and after-sales assistance:

Obviously, as we have already explained, this software can not only recover files deleted from the recycle bin or photos / videos, but also recover files after formatting (wanted or unwanted in case of an operating system problem). Everything is possible in three simple steps as we have shown you above: choose the location from where you recover the files, wait for the scan to finish and finally select the files you want to recover.

Recover Deleted Files from Mac with 4DDiG Data Recovery

Exactly as we saw in the previous paragraph, 4DDiG Data Recovery is able to recover deleted files (by mistake or following deletions or formatting) even on the operating system of the bitten apple.

The principle is exactly the same! Three simple and intuitive steps : choose the location from where you recover the files, wait for the scan to finish and finally select the files you want to recover. Here is a nice graphic that shows the various situations you might find yourself in, where this software could save you!

There is really nothing to add compared to the previous paragraph, also because the software interface is very similar. However, we take the opportunity to specify that 4DDiG Data Recovery can recover files of different formats, starting from multimedia files (photos, videos or audio) up to documents (DOC, PPT, Excel, HTML etc.) passing through Email files and archives. compressed (such as ZIP, RAR or ISO).

4DDiG Data Recovery is not only compatible with MacOS, but in general the software house tells us that there is full support for: iMac, MacBook, Hard Drive, SSD, USB Drive, Memory Card, Micro Card, SD / CF Card, Music Player, Camera, Video Player, Floppy Disk and iPod .

So all that remains is to close this guide by recommending the purchase of this program. In this short review we have made you touch the potential of the software which, thanks to a really efficient scanning algorithm, is able to recover deleted files and restore corrupt files of all kinds and sizes . The price is therefore absolutely justified and in line with the competition (not to mention the fact that it is often found at a discount or with a coupon to apply). Here are the links to the purchase:

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